A to Z Blogging Challenge/Day 4 “D” is for Dance

Today I am going to talk about Dance.  Now there’s a surprise, who would’ve thought that would be my word for “D” Dance.  I know I have the two boys, professional ballet dancer’s.  That’s one of my claims to fame, living vicariously through my children.  But really I do love dance.  Dancing is in my soul.  I always wanted to be a dancer, ballet/ballerina but when I was young my dad told me that was for rich kids and we definitely were not rich…Come to find out when my boys got into the ballet world they told me it was just the opposite.  It was for the not so rich kids, maybe it was for the rich to go to the theater and watch ballets.  The dancer’s not so much.  But back to my story.  

I said I love, love, love to dance but my boys would always say, (in that annoying voice) “We don’t do that kind of dance.”  Referring to ballroom dance i.e. Tango, Fox Trot, Waltz.  So I didn’t let that stop me and I started taking dance lessons.   Little did I know it would really be a life changing experience for me.  That is what I was looking for, something to re-invent me.  

The lessons went very good and I told my teacher that I would fall in love with him, because I just love dancer’s.  I know, I’m married but the husband doesn’t like to dance and he knows I always fall in love with my dance teacher’s, whoever.  He knows he holds the key to my heart, so he is really fine with it.  A very supportive man I married, I love him to the moon.  I learned the Tango for the Medal Ball.  I could not believe that I would be performing to a live audience.  My dance teacher said that the reason you learn to dance is so that you dance.  You can’t dance in a closet, that would be hard.

I prepared for the Medal Ball.  My girlfriend came over and did my hair and make-up.  She shopped with me and helped me put together a Tango Costume.  It was so much fun.  The best part was the actual dancing and everyone cheering my on.  It wasn’t about being great dancer.  It was truly life changing.  I felt so happy that I did it.  I danced the Tango and I was very proud of myself and so was the Husband.  

Well here are the pictures and I think I’ll even put up the video.  I am proud of my accomplishments.  Enjoy ❤  I’m still trying to get the word count down. Blessings ❤   

Here is the video.  First time ever seen, I finally got up the nerve.  The husband messed up the ending though so you don’t get to see my cool turn and last move.  It was a blast !!!  Quick  little note…So it’s getting close to my turn and I’m getting nervous.  I say to the husband,” I’m scared I’m going to look stupid or what if I forget the step?? ”  One of the husband’s favorite movies is, “Scent of a Woman,” with Al Pacino.  The husband reminds me of  one of the quotes in the movie (he’s always throwing out quotes from his movie library, sort of like me having a song for everyday from my musical’s). Anyways he goes on to say, ” What if I make a mistake ?? ”  Al Pacino replies, “No mistakes in the Tango darling, not like life.  If you get all tangled up when you are dancing, you just Tango on !!”  That’s why I love this man ❤ 

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