#atozchallenge/Day 3 “C”

I will give you my “C” for the day. Here is the, “Cactus Rose” that the husband painted.


He got the inspiration for this painting from the John Wayne Movie, “The Man who Shot Liberty Valance,” starring of course John Wayne as Tom Doniphon w/Pompei play by Woody Strode, Jimmy Stewart as Ransom Stodder. John Wayne’s love was played by Vera Myles as Hallie Stodder…Lee Marvin played Liberty Valance and blah, blah, blah.. Oh might as well give Andy Divine a shout out as Link Appleyard, the sheriff. Okay well I didn’t mean to go into this much detail about the movie, but it is one of the classics. John Wayne/Tom Doniphon tells Hallie Stodder, “Your awful pretty when your mad, almost as pretty as that cactus rose.” Not to give away the ending, Jimmy Stewart/Ransom Stodder asks Hallie (his wife), “Who put that cactus rose on Tom’s coffin? ” Well just go watch the movie. It’s a John Ford classic western that you will enjoy.

 Now I am going to be somewhat self promoting, but stick with me.  I am also going to try to get the word content down.  Less is more.  So I will start by putting up the link to our Amazon Handmade so you can look at all of the beautiful artwork, mainly watercolor paintings that the husband paints.  True story, I have been married to this man for going on 37 years and we have been together for forty.  Up until a very short time ago I had no idea he could paint, let alone paint well and dare I say he’s really a very talented artist.  When we were raising our family, and the children had an art project he was always the one who helped them with it.  That was the husband’s forte so I new he was good with art.  But OMG I really had no idea he was a full fledged artist as you will see from his artwork.  We can even now say he does it professionally because we have sold some of his artwork/paintings through Amazon Handmade.  Also come back and visit because we are building a new website with so much more ❤  So without further ado here is the link:


The husband is a true romantic.  It’s one of our favorite movies.  So that’s my “C” for the day.  I really have to get my word count down.  I just always have a lot to say.   Blessings Blogger’s for your week ❤  



12 Comments on “#atozchallenge/Day 3 “C”

    • That’s one thing I can say about my journey in this life, it’s never boring !!! Thanks for stopping by ❤

  1. This is a beautiful painting. Did you see the heart incorporated in the cactus. You two have a great love story.

    stopping by on the a to z challenge from Pam’s Unconventional Alliance.

    • Oh we really do !!! Been together for 40 years. Have survived many challenges and we are still growing strong. He is the cog in the wheel of our family and he is the love of my life ❤ Thank you for visiting, Blessings ❤

  2. Hi, doll, cute post. I see I I live in a neighboring town to you! Love the picture, I will have to check out hubby’s artwork. Beautiful! Hope you are feeling better

  3. Loved the painting and the story behind it! I picked up painting last year, (water colors) and am still learning. I always did charcoal drawings and wanted to expand a little. I am not as good as your “hubby” is though. Here is a link you might like. This is a dear blogging friend of mine for many years now and she paints icons. They are so beautiful and she painted me one and sent to me. Hubby might enjoy it also. http://reinkat.wordpress.com If the link does not go through pick her up on the “blogs I follow.” Hers is the one with the hand and paint brush. Love and God Bless, SR

  4. How lovely! Your husband is definitely an artist…I wouldn’t have thought “cactus” would give me such a welcoming feeling! Hi from another A to Zer, by the way 🙂

    A Bit to Read

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