Sunday Evening

This is good for your Sunday listening ❤

Got home safely from the road trip/business trip to Richmond & D.C.  It was lovely to get away for awhile.  Plane ride home was uneventful, thank you Jesus.  The house is a mess and I have been doing laundry for two days.  Oh and I woke up sick today.  I was really tired yesterday but I just thought it was from the trip.  Then this morning when I woke up I had a really sore throat and my neck area doesn’t feel so good either.  I’m just hoping it is a quick little virus.  I am doing the juice thing, my aromatherapy/oils and drinking a lot of liquids…I have  so much to do this week so I really hope I get to feeling better.  There is never a good time to be sick.  Just thought I would touch base with the  blog.

Miss Elsa & Mr. Louie
Miss Elsa & Mr. Louie








Update: The dogs & kitty are getting along great !!! Even the husband got in nap…Oh and I got my new planner supplies for April. Will be posting soon !!! So very pretty ❤ Blessings for your week blogger’s. I’ll be posting A to Z Blogging Challenge, Day “C” tomorrow. It’s a good one, make sure you come back and check it out, love ya ❤ Oh and my Blackhawk’s won today, woo hoo & B O O M !!! I’m going to start doing more on them. The playoff’s are coming !!! Patrick Kaner got a hat trick today (scored 3 goals) and Duncan Keith is on suspension for 5 more games, ugh ;(



2 Comments on “Sunday Evening

  1. I hope you feel better. I guess you know there is a bug going round the whole country. If it is the one I had, it is like a cold but zaps your strength for at least a week. Take care. I survived!! The flu shot didn’t protect me from this one. I look forward to your blogs. I can only read so much each day, but I will keep up as best I can!! Hugs!

    • Thanks, I’m trying to rest but so much to do !!! I will try to pace myself. Using my oils and juicing which is about all I can do right now…(( ❤ ))

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