#atozchallenge A is for Airplanes

Here’s your music…Favorite song, good for a flight

Here I go.  How cool is this !!!  So today is, “A”   How perfect is this because today, this morning actually I am spending at the (A)irport 😉  **B O O M**  Oh maybe I shouldn’t say that while I’m in the airport getting ready to board.  

So today ends my first business trip with the husband.  We have been married for 37 years and he has been taking many business trips, but alas I was as he put it the LW (pronounced – the L Dub) meaning I was the little woman at home keeping the home fires burning and looking after our 4 children, dogs and the home.  I really didn’t mind, but he has gone to an awful lot of cool places.  Vegas, California, Florida, Texas, New York the list is long.  This time we went to D.C. 

It was an adventure to say the least.  We stayed at a fairly nice hotel.  Not the best hotel I have ever stayed at, but not complete 3 sss hotel.  You know, shower, sleep and well I’m a lady so you figure the 3rd one…The room was kind of small, and it was queen size bed but I say it was more like an oversized full/queen.  I did get to do a planner session yesterday b/c I was pretty tired of fighting for my life (read my previous post about the blossoms and you’ll understand).

When I was blogging about my first day, you could hear the protestors right out in front of the hotel where we were staying.  Yeah so the husband said, “Oh go out, don’t worry it’s fine.”  That’s what I want to do go out and get into the middle of a loud angry group of foreign protestors !!  N O T  Here are some of the pictures I got of the protestors…

I also got some cherry blossoms and are bringing them home with me.  I got a picture of them and they are dead now but I’ll find something cool to do with a dead branch of cherry blossoms from D.C.  Here is a picture of them…

Well that’s all for today as they want us to board.  I’m not crazy about the flying thing but I’ll get over it.  I say get in, sit down, and shut up…Oh and I always, always, always take my Angel’s with me.  I’ll tell you they have been working overtime this trip with the mugger’s on day 1 of the trip, then the ride in the death cab last night to dinner.  I hope they will get some rest on the flight along with me…Blessings ❤  Here’s a video of our landing…  Having trouble getting the take off to load up 😉  I’ll try to get it up on a future post.  Maybe on “T” for takeoff.  Blessings A to Z Bloggers ❤

So this is my first post for A to Z…Enjoy



3 Comments on “#atozchallenge A is for Airplanes

  1. Nice way to kick things off. Nice that you get to go on the business trips. It can be a great way to see some places.

    Have a great A to Z April.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    • Thanks for stopping by ❤ It was the first business trip I have ever been on for our 37 years of marriage. It was great except now, I'm sick probably the airplane home…Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to bed I go… ❤

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