Cherry Blossom Day, Washington D.C.

IMG_4001It was all that I had imagined it would be.  Breath taking, serenity, peaceful I could go on and on and on.  I could stay there forever.  I heard someone comment that they were still in a good bloom even after all of the wind the previous day.  Oh thank you God for letting me see this an not letting the wind take it away before I could see it.  Definitely a bucket list item for me!!!  

It was quite the journey getting there.  I woke up yesterday and I had the entire day to myself.  I did not have to do anything or I could do whatever I wanted.  I am a mom who raised her family and if you are a mom you know what that means.  Those kind of days are or were nonexistent in my life for the last oh, say 33 years.  I have always been bound by someone else’s schedule or agenda.  To have a day all by myself well all I can say is **B O O M**

I showered and got ready for the day.  I stopped by the front desk at the hotel and asked for a map and maybe a little direction of how to get places.  I was like a kid in a candy store with money ❤  The husband said I better go out and enjoy myself meaning don’t stay in all day and blog or watch tv.  First off staying in, ordering room service, watching tv or blogging, in my pj’s sounds pretty damn good to me but I really wanted to go see the Cherry Blossoms. The weather was perfect, sunny and 60ish degrees !!!

So off I went feeling well how cool is this and how cool am I !!!  I had probably gone 3 or 4 blocks from the hotel.  I asked a few people if I was going in the right direction and they said yes so I just kept on going.   I was looking for a Macy’s as I needed to get some socks (I know, I forgot to pack any.  Really and some face soap, really again).  So with my head in my phone and my map in the other hand I just kept walking.  I looked like the dorky tourist with a light flashing over her head saying, “Grab her purse, or get the phone.”  Now I knew that being from a big city myself  but for some reason I just didn’t care.  I was in the heart of downtown D.C.  No one gets mugged in broad daylight at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.   B U Z Z  !!!  Yes they do.

I heard a scuffle up in front of me and right as I looked up some guy was running towards me, so close he hit my purse and almost knocked it out of my hand.  My purse,” Miss Serena, ” yes she has a name because she is so special she only comes out when I go on vaca and only then if it is a special place.

Miss Serena ❤

 After that I saw this guy laying on the ground, his face covered in blood and a police officer.  Now remember I am in D.C. and there are literally police every block.  So you would think you are in a very safe place, NOT !!!  The police man was using his radio on his shoulder, pointing in my direction and walking towards me with the guy covered in blood.  I heard the guy say to the policeman, “He went running in that direction towards her.”   Which he meant me.  The policeman came towards me and asked what I saw.  My city street smarts kicked in automatically along with the husband’s voice saying, “Ignore them, you didn’t see A N Y T H I N G !!!” and keep walking…Well that is exactly what I said and did and got the hell out of there as fast as I could !!!

Really this happens the first thing in the day on my first outing.  I must have a sign flashing but I’ll tell you I put away my phone, the map and I hugged Miss Serena for dear life.  I was in tears.  I started walking with 3 girls who looked like they were going to lunch so I looked like I wasn’t alone.  I was shaking.  Now everyone looked like a mugger to me.  I have lived in a large city for my entire life and I have never, never seen that happen.  When I was young and working in the city I got hit in the head by some businessman, yes a suit with a newspaper.  I also got locked in a revolving door by a bunch of hoodlums (I was 5 months pregnant) trying to grab my purse so I know what city’s can be like.   Still couldn’t believe it happened right in front of me.

I got to Macy’s and I texted the husband and I told him he must come and get me because I’m not leaving the store w/o him and I pulled up a chair in the shoe department of Macy’s and sat there thinking this really sucks.   The husband told me before we went that he was going to be tied up in meetings all day, so I would be on my own.  So I guess it’s back to the hotel for me, pjs and room service and blogging with you guys.  But that’s okay because at least  I won’t be doing a face plant on the concrete, end up covered in blood and someone stealing Miss Serena… 😉

The husband finally got my text, and he was like I’ll be there!!!  I’ll find Macy’s, just wait for me.  So he got there and I just wanted him to walk me back to the hotel.  I was not in the mood for Cherry Blossoms or pictures or anything.  I just wanted to go back to the hotel.   Well he said, “No you are not going back to the hotel.  We are going to see the Cherry Blossoms, period”   He was so happy I was the one who didn’t get mugged.   Well so was I, believe you me.  I felt sorry for the guy, but I really didn’t want to end up a police station IDing a mugger.  I really didn’t see him anyways because I was looking at my stupid cell phone and the map, really I didn’t 😉  Here are some of my cherry blossom pictures…

So that was my day yesterday.  We did get to see the cherry blossoms and it was as beautiful as I had imagined.  He got me back to the hotel and I took a nap which I really needed, so stressed out and I had a headache.  He came back around 7:30 ish and took me to a lovely dinner so the day wasn’t a total bust.  But today I think I’ll stay in as the President as in the POTUS Obama is doing something right across the street and I can hear the protestors from my room.  I might go down and take some pictures and hopefully nothing will happen.  With my luck the secret service might think my cellphone is a bomb or something and tackle me.

Always a story to tell, I love it ❤  N O T  Blessings, blogger’s I hope you are having a great week.  Home tomorrow ❤

Protestors back out there, I can hear them yelling…That’s the building the husband is in !!!  I hope he’s safe.  Yeah I’m pretty sure I’m staying in today ❤  

4 Comments on “Cherry Blossom Day, Washington D.C.

  1. So happy you were able to enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms! Yay to your husband:-)
    Just so you know you are not the only one…my hubby and I live in the Northern Virginia/DC area, and I would never dream of exploring the city on my own. (you were very brave in my eyes!) My husband’s not too impressed with DC either, so we do not find ourselves there much. Many friends of ours go into DC regularly, to take in the history and sights…so sorry you had a negative experience on your first time out.

    • Well actually it is my 2nd time to D.C. The 1st time we were here with the family. One of my Ballet Boys was here performing the “Nutcracker” w/Joffrey Ballet at the Kennedy Center. But as I said in my post I’m from Chicago, born and raised so I wasn’t to intimidated with the exploring the city thing. I thought I had all the bases covered. iPhone, check…ICE card (husband’s business card) in my wallet, check. Only brought a small amount of cash in with me, left the rest in the room, check. Most importantly I had my Angel’s, so I guess they worked it out that I didn’t get to the spot the guy was at when he got mugged. Because it really should’ve been me. Head in the phone, map in the hand…What was I thinking. It all worked out so I say thank you Angel’s you kept me safe and thank you God because you always have my back…B O O M ❤

  2. My goodness, what a day! I am so glad you were not hurt! (Who says there are not angels on every corner?) The pictures are beautiful and I am so glad you shared them with us. God Bless, SR

    • My Angel’s were working OT with me this trip. They always are in my life 😉 Last night they were with me in the, “Death Cab” ride we were in when we went to dinner. And always I take them on the flight home. It was uneventful so they got some much needed rest on the flight home ❤ Thanks for visiting ❤ Blessings

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