Terror Tuesday

Yes God is watching us from a distance and I’m pretty sure he is saddened by all of this evil…

I wrote this blog on Tuesday but I put it in my file.  After I read the assignment for the commenting bootcamp, I thought this could be a good post for the debate.  Blessings ❤

Unfortunately this has to be my title today…This world is in bad shape and there are very few leader’s out there willing to stand up to this evil.  Until we get a leader who will call this what it is, “T E R R O R I S M,” we will be attacked over and over and over again.  I was suppose to travel next week.  It is not going to happen and yes then you can say, “They won.”  Well not really, I just won’t be their victim.  Our government does not have our back and so I must take responsibility for my own safety.  It is not necessary that I travel next week, so I’ll pass and wait for a leader who leads and gets these terrorist and kills them.  That is all they respect.  Kill them !!!  Just like they killed all of those innocent people who were doing nothing but going and living their lives.  Oh I know, we should be nice to these people because of their hatred of our freedoms in this country.  Because of all of the perceived ills that America has done to them.  F… off, people it really pisses me off.  We are the best country this world.  We are not perfect, but it is as close to perfect as any place could be !!!   And you know what, if you don’t like living here please L E A V E !!!  You are free to do that.  I will repeat this over and over again.  It you are lucky enough to live in America, than you are lucky enough.  I really don’t see a huge migration out of this country, do you???   If this country is so terrible, why then do we have an immigration problem ??? Hello  Why do so many people want to come here and live??   I don’t see people trying to get into Russia, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia.  Do people see what goes on in those places ???

My rant is over and I’m going to try to pray.  It is not an easy thing to do but I can pray anywhere, anytime to any religion that I choose because this is America.  The terrorist don’t like that.  This is a Holy War, make no mistake about that so I will pray the Rosary.  The Rosary is a very powerful prayer and has been used for hundreds of years against these barbarians who want to exterminate Christians.  This is genocide and people better start paying attention before it rears it’s ugly and evil face in this country because, they are on their way.  They are not going to stop, this has been going on forever.  We need to stand up and fight them.  Blow them back to the stone age where they belong.  We must not let them them win.  We do not have to believe in Allah, and women are not owned.  Women should be respected and treated with dignity.  They should not have to cover their faces.  They should be allowed education and if they want to drive, get the hell out of their way !!!  These terrorist are just horrible and we have to rid the world of this evil.  They killed many innocent people today and injured even more.  What right is it of their’s to do this evil.  I’m going to try to pray, but it’s days like these that praying is hard to do.  But really that’s all I can do.  I’ll pray for all of those people who’s lives have been forever altered by this evil.  I’ll pray for the leader’s to stand up an stop these terrorist.  I’ll pray to Jesus to take this hatred out of my heart for these evil people, but I will not pray for the terrorist.  I’m just not that good ❤



6 Comments on “Terror Tuesday

  1. I see you say you are pro-life, but at the same time you want people killed. As a conservative catholic shouldn´t you be more forgiving? I know what happened in brussels is horrible, unforgivable and there is no excuse for terrorism. Terrorists are NOT religious, they are misled, cruel, and unexceptable, don´t get me wrong, but killing many more innocent people will not change anything. I don´t live in america and I don´t want to either, looking at the way things are going at the moment, and if you think it is such a great country, I guess you must be at least partially blind to all the things wrong. Yes, it might have been a great Country once, but there is a lot going on that scares the crap out of me. Poverty is on the rise, a few “Chosen” ones have about 99% of the money, yet the media blame the poor for asking for even a Minimum wage or affordable health care. Big companies poison land and the people living there for just a bit more profit, basically that´s all it comes down to: Profit. Human rights don´t mean a thing, compassion doesn´t mean anything anymore. Everybody just cares for himself. It´s really sad, and I don´t think that has anything to do with cristianity at all.
    Of course I can understand your anger and even the hatred you feel, I am really angry as well, and at the same time I hurt when I think of all the people who are dead and the ones who´s lifes have been changed forever. It scares me to think what else can happen but I don´t think that killing is going to change anything.

    Don´t be offended by what I have written please, it was just an exercise for the commenting bootcamp!

  2. Huh. Well wow. So I found you on Blogging Commenting Bootcamp. And you know that Day 4 is our ‘day to disagree’. Respectfully and all. So you provided some fodder for that after all (que surprise to me. I wrote my blog piece about why I didn’t want to do the assignment AT ALL). I don’t disagree with anything you said at all. But this point did occur to me:

    You’re obviously a Christian (as am I, different flavor – I’m Mormon) and it’s been pointed out to me to walk in THEIR shoes (as Christ would have)…those horrid terrorist minded idiots (my words). I was horrified. How could I even begin to comprehend how ‘they’ think? I can’t. It’s so foreign to my way of thinking that it’s an impossibility to understand them at all..

    AND then I got it. That’s exactly how THEY see US. Of course without the violence (or at least we in the public are not made privy to whatever horrors our military may visit on their countries and ways of life) .

    It could be summed up as “War is Just WRONG.” But handing some fanatic with a bomb in one hand and an AK47 in the other a daisy and saying “Peace man” will most likely get the peace-nik blown to hell and will solve NOTHING.

    Sad ain’t it? But do remember that business of how we see them is how they see us. It changed my perspective anyway.

    • I don’t care how they see us. My religion does not advocate me putting on a suicide vest and blowing myself and other’s to a horrible death.. I really don’t understand what your comment means.

  3. Hey Scarlett,

    I read this earlier and I had to think about it before I replied. I understand well your feelings, as I have had them myself. God and I really had to do a lot of work together, for many months/years. As you, I myself, had to pray to God, to help me pray for these terrorist. Truly, the only prayer I can pray for them is, “God please change their heart’s.” I have not quite reached the point where I ask God to forgive them, but it is getting closer daily. I want no one to perish and go to hell for an eternity. Kind of defeats the purpose of the Cross to want that, isn’t it?

    Scarlett, I love our country. I do not want to live anywhere else. I agree if someone moves here and they do not like our laws, Constitution, then get out, as I will never conform to their ways. I will fight to the death for my land, the right to own weapons, freedom of religion, etc.. These are guaranteed to me under the Constitution.

    However…..let’s look at this nation.

    The last total I have read we have killed over 77 million babies, God’s children in the womb. The most helpless and defenseless form of life there is. We have given Gay’s their rights, under the law. We take our elderly and disabled, stick them in nursing homes, and when we do, morphine is the drug of choice. These helpless and dying people thirst and starve to death as a result of it, and of course we are reassured they do not know anything about it. Bull, I watched my mother die this way, when some thought this was best for her. I have that ache in my heart every single day of my life.

    We as a nation want the government to take care of our poor, hungry, and sick when if Christians were doing what they are supposed to be doing, there would be no need for Medicaid, food stamps, nursing homes, etc…

    Go read the book of Amos Scarlett. Especially 1:13 See abortion was on the rise, and the storms of the “whirlwind” came upon that nation.

    Scarlett let us look at something else. Now I do not agree with Obama care at all. My lands, my deductible is 4000.00. My sister’s is 6000.00. I have to come up with 4000.00 before this shoulder can be fixed, and due to this economy if you remember my husband lost his job a few months ago and has just started a new one. Scarlett who do I blame for a lot of this. Christians!

    52% of Catholic’s voted for this administration we have, in the last election. The first one was 48%. They voted for people who believed in abortion. When women turn 70 mammograms are no longer covered, telling me our aging are nothing more than a burden to society to these people, so let’s just let them die! They voted for people who believed all homosexuals should have the same marriage rights as a man and woman. They turned their backs on Israel, which God kind of covered that in the Bible. 48% and 52% of Catholics voted for this, and they call themselves a Catholic! Every ounce of this and much more goes against God’s Word. Protestant’s it was the same. Many voted this way and they call themselves a Christian.

    God cannot keep His hand on a nation, and continue to bless it, when it goes against everything He ever spoke. He cannot keep His hand on a nation, when His own children vote for the very things He detest. He never has, and He never will. If He did Scarlett, God cannot be true to Himself.

    Another thing in the Bible as Mother Angelica said, “When sin prevails, nature rebels.” Look at how many tornados, floods, and droughts this country is suffering and has been for the last 4-5 years. It was the same in Israel when they rebelled against God. This nation has done nothing but rebel against every single word God ever spoke. We are doing the same thing as ancient Israel has done.

    We need to pray Scarlett. I pray daily God will send us a “Moses” to lead his people back to Him and His ways, so He can turn His face towards us again. Until that day comes it is not going to happen. I pray that there is enough of us in this nation praying that God stops this threat against us and His children quit voting in people like this to run our country. If we do not stop it we are going to be ancient Israel, because God will make sure one way or the other, we cry His name, just like they did. He will make sure of that, so those who can be saved will be, because He loves us.

    Again Scarlett, the only one’s to blame for a lot of this, are God’s own children. We cannot have it both ways. The only thing those of us who see what is happening can do is “pray.” We also have to pray for those who want to harm us as, as that is what the Bible does not ask us to do, but commands us to do. It is hard, I know is. But through God’s help and grace I am getting the words out. Love and God Bless, SR

    • Well you are a tough act to follow !!! I so agree with all that you have said. Abortion is something so unsettling and upsetting to me, well I can’t even debate it…I think I can say that b/c number 1. When I got pg again after Sean Patrick they told me I could have all kind of test to make sure the baby was 100 percent so that I could terminate it if it wasn’t. They went onto say that if I did decide to terminate I would have to go somewhere else because they did not do that procedure as it was too unpleasant. Are you freaking kidding me I said. I will have no more test, life is and always has been in God’s hand. I will let him handle this. Number 2. my daughter came home, well let’s just say I became a grandmother and she is beautiful and all is well. So I can say mother’s who terminate/kill their babies are wrong for any reason !!! Always choose life ❤ As for all of the other things that you adress, I know there is a lot of things wrong in this country and worldwide and I know I should pray for it, but I have a hard time doing that. But I'm working on it and I hope I get better at it. You know everyone blames God for letting things happen but why does the devil always get a pass ?? I think the devil is behind all the ills of the world. He created smoking because who else would make something so terrible so enjoyable. (Reformed smoker for 16 years) I know he invented dust & dirt…Pretty sure there is no dust in Heaven 😉 I get what you are saying and I don't have a lot of the answers, heck I don't have any of them and the older I get the less I know. I just know that we have to get back to God our creator and we have to through hell first to get there. I will try to pray a rosary, but praying is really is hard sometimes. Blessings to you this Easter ❤ I will pray for your family and you pray for mine and that's a start ❤

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