So I was just writing a post on all of this terrible terrorism, when a few things happened that interrupted my rant.  That was good so for now my rant on these terrorist will just stay saved in my file for another day.  Hopefully I won’t have to pull it out too soon, but I’m pretty sure I will. But for now onto the more pleasant side of life.  Don’t think for a minute my heart doesn’t ache for all of these victims, it does.  However all I can do is pray for this sometimes very messed up world.

I remember a few years ago, right around Christmastime one of my guys was dancing out in Richmond.  I think it was his first year and it was opening night for the Nutcracker.  That day was the Sandyhook shooting in Connecticut.  I remember him calling me up and sounding very shaken by the incidents that were happening.  He said, “How am I suppose to dance tonight?”   I told him that the show must go on and it is very important to do what you do.  I told him he was bringing some beauty into this world.   A world that desperately needs something positive.  If for no other reason, you can help people to escape these horror’s by going to the theater if not for only just a few hours.  

My interruption took me over to Facebook and what did I see when I went over there, none other than one of my beautiful ballet dancer son’s (Connie, the youngest) in all of his finest.  He was playing the role of Romeo in Romeo & Juliet.  We were suppose to get out there and see him do this but something came up.  After seeing the pictures, well now I am really sad that we didn’t get out there to see him in this role.  Man he looks so good as Romeo.  Well see for yourself…


So I think he looks fabulous  !!!  What a great looking Romeo.  He really looks exactly like his father did when he was that age and I know because we have been together forever 🙂  I’m just so proud of this kid.  If you only knew how hard he has worked to get to this place in his career and I think it’s just so cool ❤  I love you to pieces, Connie ❤

So tonight my Blackhawks are on.  They are playing the Dallas Stars so I’m going to go have dinner and watch them with the husband and hopefully Connie will FaceTime.  I love that kid ❤  Have a great evening.  Love ya ❤

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