Happy Birthday, Sean Patrick

And this songs for you Sean Patrick ❤   Blessings and we will never forget ❤

Here is the link to our baby’s story 



I’m glad I wrote this story down.  I’m glad that you are reading his story.  Because the day that he was born and went to heaven, the world was changed forever.  We will be together again, Blessings ❤



4 Comments on “Happy Birthday, Sean Patrick

  1. This was beautiful, Scarlett. I cannot as a mother even imagine. I suppose I should thank God for that. Something tells me God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, The Blessed Mother, and all the Angels and Saints were engulfing all of you that day. Thanks for sharing you, your husband’s, and Sean Patrick’s story. How it blessed me by making me realize I have so much to be thankful for. Love and God Bless, SR

    • Thank you so much for reading his story. All of the trials of my life have brought me closer to God. Sometimes I get angry but He gets me and just lets me rant all the while holding me ever so close. God has given me someone to go through this life with all of it’s twists and turns…We just bow are heads and hold on and know that he’ll get us home ❤ Blessings

  2. Thanks ❤ I am blessed by the grace of God and The Holy Spirit keeps my faith going strong. I really am glad to be a Catholic ❤

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