Good Saturday Evening

Best Dance movie ever !!!

Well this day just didn’t turn out at all like I wanted it to !!  I got busy updating my Amazon account and before I knew it it was 3:30 pm.  Didn’t get my shower but I did get to ground zero which is important.  I started updating my Site that has the artwork and I noticed some things that needed to be changed and before you know it I’m sitting on hold with the folks at Amazon, getting transferred, blah, blah, and blah.  I did come away with a few important tidbits so I guess it was useful.  I will be so glad when we get our site finished.  It will be more streamlined.  We sold some pictures last week !!!  Always exciting to do that.  

Shake it Off

This is one of the pictures I was looking for.  I posted on the site.  It’s really good.  Here is the link to see more of his artwork.

So it was cloudy all day and it’s been trying to rain.  I was going to watch a movie, but now it is turning into movie night.  Which is fine I just hope I don’t fall asleep again.  The boys/guys are finishing up shows and tours.  Then they will be all over the country auditioning which is driving me a little crazy.  I’m sure it is very hard on them too but at the same time it is well I wonder where we are going to end up next.  Some very exciting things as always with those guys !!!

My Blackhawk’s are back 😉  Last night they shut out the Winnipeg Jets so that was very, very cool.  I always enjoy it so much more when they win !!!  I think they just are tired of the season and want the playoff’s to start because as the husbands says it’s a whole different season in the playoff’s !!  

I was working on my planner today, it still brings a lot of joy in my life and hey who can’t use some more joy in their day ❤  Here’s what I was fooling around with today…


This Saturday morning was usual coffee and paper with the husband but we also are trying to get the dogs and Mr. Louie the cat to get to be better friends.  I think it’s working.  Miss Elsa is so much more friendly with this cat than she was with Mr. Jinx and Bella thinks the cat is trying to attack Miss Elsa so she jumps on Mr. Louie.  I think they are going to be fine.  I took some pictures this morning.  

He’s a really friendly little cat.  Like all cat’s, he found us.  He really adds to the mix ❤  Love him bunches, but we love animals.  The evening is early and we have dinner out of the way.  I think I am going to organize some of my planner supplies and maybe do some planning for the week too.  It’s always good to just hang out with the husband.  As usual he is doing some more artwork.  He is so good, who knew.  Hope your weekend is going good ❤  Blessings

Also we are going to Mass tomorrow, it’s Palm Sunday.  As usual Easter is just sneaking up on us again.  Hope it warms up because it cloudy and chilly right now.  I think Easter is early this year.  Make sure you go check his artwork site.  Really good original artwork at affordable prices.  Love ya, ❤   


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