Happy St. Paddy’s Day

I always feel good on this day, IDK why I just do.  Maybe because it’s a signal that winter is over and yes even though it’s usually cold, damp and raw, (Midwest Springs, whatever) warmer days can now be seen on the horizon.  Well just look at my Season’s.  I took a picture of her yesterday because you can finally see the beginning stages of her awakening !!!

IMG_3795   Now isn’t she just beautiful.    

I have a very busy day today.  I usually cook a corned beef and cabbage dinner today but I’m going to try something new.  I’m going to make corned beef slider’s, baked beans and coleslaw.  I’m going  to also try a new dessert.  My planner has so many task’s for me to do, but I think I’m going to just stick with a few.  I really want to get dinner made so I’ll have to grocery shop early !!  Here’s how the planner looks for today. Don’t you just love, love, love the St. Paddy’s Day stickers.  I really love the Irish Planner Girl ❤  

Daily Planner/March 17th
Daily Planner/March 17th
Weekly Planner/Websterspages
Weekly Planner/Websterspages








I also got some adorable planner supplies for Easter/Spring too, that I have been using.  I do the planner everyday now.  It really helps me to stay focused and lets me be creative all at the same time.  It’s fun and I look forward to my planning sessions.  I usually do them at night before bed so all the stuff I have to remember stops swimming around in my head and I can get into bet, relax & read.  Maybe watch tv.  My nighttime ritual is really wonderful.

I wash my face, well first I kiss the husband good night and then I wash my face.  I turn on the electric blanket so it gets the bed warm.  I’m sure the dogs just love it when I turn on the electric blanket.  Then I take off the day and get into comfortable pjs.  Really love, love taking off the day ❤   I set up the atomizer with whatever I’m feeling like.  Maybe peace, serenity or balance.  My atomizer has spa lighting and I usually put it to a lavender color.  I always use On-Guard & breathe for the allergies.  I turn on my kindle sleeping music and call it a day, this one is in the books.  It is really a Zen way to fall off to sleep.  Peace & Good Night, Sweet Dreams ❤

Bella & My Bed
Bella & My Bed

Well there is just so much left to share with you, but alas the morning is just slipping away and I have to get to the grocery store.  Have Happy, Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Remember everyone is Irish today.  Love ya ❤

A quick few items that deserve a mention in today’s post.  OMG the Blackhawk’s lost again last night, very upsetting !!!  The only thing worse than them losing 4 in a row is listening to the husband when they do.  I was also very keyed up and the nighttime ritual was not as calming as it usually is.  Sometimes, especially during the playoff’s, I won’t even watch a game because it can get very stressful if they aren’t winning.  But I still love, love, love my Blackhawk’s !!!

Also don’t forget to go to our store, Elan Creation’s.  I put up new paintings everyday !!!

And the Tiger's come at night
And the Tiger’s come at night
Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard



 Okay, now I really have to get busy, bye 😉  Blessings       





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