Windy Wednesday

This will be the song for the day.  I listened to it in the car today and it keeps playing over and over in my head.  Maybe if I post it here, I will get the song to go out of my head … 😉

Good morning Wednesday, blogger’s.  It’s really windy and cold, ewww.  I really do think spring is my least favorite season.  So let me tell you, I am this 50 something grandmama, sitting in front of my computer and just learning new things everyday.  I really can do so much more than I ever thought I could on this computer.  It is a bit annoying but at the same time it does give me some feeling of accomplishment  when I have success at what I’m trying to learn.

So I am trying to sell the husband’s artwork.  We have a website (Well almost built, and no I didn’t do it. Professional)  We are getting some good traffic on our Handmade by Amazon account.  It really is very encouraging to be selling.  I went to my email and I almost deleted the link for the painting’s we sold, OMG.  But no I didn’t and they will be on there way today.  

I just loaded up some new products to the site.  You should go check it out it is really great AFFORDABLE artwork, original watercolor paintings.  He is quite good.  Here is the link:

I think I’ll just put up a few of his painting’s right here.  Let me know what you think ….

Summer Dreaming
Summer Dreaming
The Portland Headlight
The Portland Headlight

I am posting the artwork on a widget on this blog.  I put up new pictures everyday.  I must say I’m getting quite good at this copy & paste and linking things.  Who knew 😉   Really what I was trying to do is to re-invent myself, my life.  It’s hard after being a mom and a homemaker, staying home all day okay now what.  All the kids are gone and living their lives, good.  The husband has his job and is working bringing home a paycheck, good.  The laundry’s done, the house is ground zero, dinner is in the crock pot and OMG it’s 10:30 am.  To early for a nap and so what do I do now ???

I sit down and write, blog, make a new life for me and the husband.  It’s exciting and I’m not exactly sure where this is all going but it’s going somewhere.  I am doing what I love, love, love to do.  Write, create, plan is there really anything else ??  Okay I know, there is Hockey and the Blackhawks but that’s only for 6/7 months.  What to do with the rest of the time.

Then again you can always watch this youtube video of the road to the cup.  It just makes me smile.  I love my Blackhawks.  

The rest of the time will be spent here and in my new store, Elan Creation’s.  As long as you are doing something and you are going in the right direction, have faith.  God will get you home, he always does !!!

So I must get in my planner now and start writing my Mission Statement for our business.  When you have a minute, stop the store and look around.  I’m pretty sure you will enjoy just window shopping.  Bring along a cup of tea and relax.  Blessings and remember someone loves you ❤  

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