Today is Terrific Tuesday !!!  Yes I know, “Why is it a Terrific Tuesday ??”   Because 1. That is all I can think of to pair with plain old Tuesday and it is a new day and it is Tuesday !!!  But really it is a great day and I have been smiling all day.  

I love, love, love when I get pictures from the guys.  Following their career’s, well it’s just been a blast.  I am also honored that they share it with us…So I have been  grappling with the idea of should I do a blog post on this or not.  Back to number 1.  They never like it when I talk/write about them and put their pictures up, but come on that is what we do (Mom’s I mean).   It’s like if you go into Target and leave w/o buying something were you even there ??  Well I’ll try to be brief and just talk about him for a bit 😉

He is just the best, he is our youngest and we just love him to the moon.  He makes me smile when I’m sad.  He calls and Facetime’s with us during the Blackhawk’s games.  He’s a lot like me, very organized.  Out of all of the kids, he never and I mean never gave us anything to worry about.  So very proud of him.  

He is currently dancing with Richmond Ballet ll.  They are on tour doing Romeo and Juliet.  He is Romeo, B O O M !!!  When he did Romeo and Juliet with the main company, Richmond Ballet, I asked him what role he was playing and he said, “I’m just some random Capulet on the side.”  Well we saw that play and there were no random roles.  He looked really good up there and was in quite a few dance numbers with the core dancers.  But you know theater people (and please if you are a theater person don’t take this the wrong way) unless you are Mr. Romeo or Miss Juliet you are just random. That’s not the case at all that’s why they call it a  C O M P A N Y.  Because it’s not just one or two people that make the show great, it’s the C O M P A N Y.   Well I’m glad we have that out of the way 😉  

When he went to high school at the Performing Arts Academy in Chicago he followed his brother who had just graduated from there.  They are both dancer’s and they both have their own style of dance.  They both are fantastic on the stage.  It is where they were meant to be.  Connor however has been performing on the stage since he was 4 years old so I guess when it comes to how long he’s been doing this, he wins hands down.  So professional too.  Once when he was in 1st grade he was in the musical, “Evita.”  He was dancing with his jazz slipper’s on and an older girl smashed his foot with her character heels.  He just kept right on dancing until his older sister saw him and pulled him off the stage to care for his foot.  But his attitude was and still is it’s all about the show !!!  The Show Must Go On !!!

Okay I’m just going to put up his pictures that he got from the latest press and it is some really good press.  Ask anyone in theater, this is what they live for.  Print in magazine’s, reviews, and on and on !!!  The 1st picture is his picture in the upcoming April/May Pointe magazine.  I have been searching for a copy with no luck, but I am a seasoned veteran when it comes to grabbing any pictures that my guys get when it’s in the press.  I’ll find the copies, and if not that’s what Amazon is for 😉 !!!  The second picture of him is his headshot with the review he got.  It was a really nice piece.  

  So this blog is for you Connie ❤ So proud of you and make sure you deposit this into your life account.  It will be there for the time when you wonder if you chose the right path.   Good for you and sometimes the struggles are all worth it ❤  Happy times, happy days 😉  Now if you could only get the Blackhawk’s to right the ship… 

Connie I just love, love, love this picture of you back in the day !!!  Look how far you have come B O O M !!!   

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