Sunday Morning, I know I’m Home

It has been a good weekend so far.  The weather has not been great, but it has not been terrible either.  I got on average a good 9/10 hours of sleep Saturday & Sunday.  Saturday was a good day.  I  did a planning session, the house to ground zero, some laundry done.  We had a nice lunch at a bbq sandwich place.  When we got home, it was early around 5 ish and so we decided to go to the movies.  OMG I don’t know what possessed me.  We went to see, “London has Fallen.”  I thought it was going to be a drama, mystery, intrigue and Gerard Butler was in it so a couple of hours looking at him sounded good for a Saturday evening.

I’m not a movie critic, and I suppose it was okay.  I mean you get to go out, eat buttered popcorn and reese’s pieces, drink all the coke you can handle and you are with the love of your life.  We usually sit in one of those 2 seaters right in front.  He holds my hand, and I bury my face in his shoulder during the violent scenes which there were plenty of let me tell you. This was definitely not my kind of movie, although it wasn’t that bad.  I guess this is a new series starring Gerard Butler.  Here’s a movie clip of it…

Slept in this Sunday morning so got a late start, but hey it’s Sunday so who cares.  It is coffee and special paper day, Starbucks and stop and pick-up a few groceries for brunch.  Yes I know I’m home when I go into our Starbuck’s and while standing in line I hear someone call my name and I turn around. It was a hairstylist from the salon I go to. She called me by my first name and I recognized her immediately. We exchanged chit chat. But it’s a good feeling and I know I’m home, right where I’m suppose to be. Where I have people, my people, my friends ❤

 The husband is out running as per usual. I’m glad he runs, so good for him and his cardio. I’ve tried and tried to become a runner, but not going to happen. Every time I do, I hurt something and so I just figure I’m not a runner. I’m more of a part-time walker and even then I usually end up doing a face plant somewhere. No really, I’m a total klutz 😉 Here’s a picture of my, “Special Paper” day. I look forward to my Sunday mornings.


So today I’m going to make my Apple Pancake w/smoky links.  I put cheese on this right after it comes out of the oven and it is just amazing.  I have been wanting to make it for awhile so today I’m just going to do it.  I’m also going to make a new dessert treat.  I have decided that every week I’m going to bake/make some new recipe that looks good to me.  This one is called, “Not Yo Mama’s Banana Pudding.”  It sounds absolutely amazing !!!

Let’s get our game faces on with Uncle Ted and Stranglehold ❤ ” Go Hawk’s”

 The Blackhawks are on at 4pm so I’ll be watching them with my Connie (FaceTime) I hope. They are playing the Detroit Redwings, and you know how I feel about them. It’s going to be a tough game because we handed them their head last time so they will want to get their revenge today !!! You know if you’ve been reading how I feel about the Redwings, ugghh… 😦 He might be touring aka dancing in shows. He was all weekend (I hope he’s home). I hope you are having a great day. Talk to you this week. Love ya !!! ❤

 P.S.  The husband’s new website is coming along quite nicely.  The name of it is   Still have some work to do on it.  I hope you will stick around for the launching of that.  It is really quite exciting.  Our new business cards will be done this week around Thursday.  I will put up a post with them on it.  Oh and maybe a road trip, IDK when…Blessings

P.S.S.  Here’s a picture of Season’s this Sunday Morning.  She looks like she did on Friday.  Still waiting for that Spring warmth to show her first motion, still sleeping.  Maybe today there will be a yawn, trying to wake up 🙂

There’s my sweetie taking Miss Elsa out. Still kind of chilly 🙂


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