So this weekend is in the books…

I know you couldn’t wait till tomorrow to see what I got accomplished today…It was a very good day.  

  1. I got to watch the Chicago Blackhawks w/Connor.  (FaceTime)
  2. They played the Detroit Redwings and we handed them their heads…bahahaha 😉 Totally loved it ❤  Way to go Crawford !!! He was insane today in the net.  B O O M
  3. I did get my brunch made.  Apple Pancakes & Smoky Links…So good    

I took pictures of them as I cooked.  It was just that kind of day.  

It was a lovely brunch with the husband, then watched a great hockey game !!!  Already had my planning session so I am good to go on a Monday morning.  I hope you all have enjoyed my blog today.  Love ya ❤  Have a great week !!!

On and 4.  I played around on my Blog with you guys, so yeah it’s been a great day.  Blessings ❤

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