Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift

So my song for today is one of my most favorites and I sing it loudly and it is my prayer that brings me comfort…Enjoy

I just heard this a couple of minutes ago and we forget that.  That is the perfect saying for gaining faith.  I also heard someone say faith is something no one in his right mind would believe.  To me the definition of faith is believing without seeing or touching.  Faith is a feeling of hope, a feeling that you are not in control so let it go and just believe in the plan that is bigger than anyone could ever imagine.

Having faith actually makes your life so much easier.  It allows you to focus on what you need to focus on to have successful, productive day.  It takes away the worry and the fact that you control very little.  Yesterday I didn’t go out at all, didn’t take a shower, was in a really funky mood.  I did write a couple of posts on my blog, but sometimes this computer is the problem.  It is a tool, but it can also be a huge distraction from having a productive day.  

I think it’s about setting limits, an editorial calendar.  I really must do that.  Because that is so my thing.  Planning, scheduling, balance.  I have an entire 24 hours each and everyday that I can do what I want with and I would guess I spend about 10 of them worrying, 4 being somewhat productive, 8 of them sleeping hopefully and maybe 2 misc. i.e. eating, driving, planning.  You get the picture.  Too much time consumed by things that are out of my control.  I have this notion that if you worry about something, it won’t happen.  I’m sure I’m not alone in that theory. 

Sometimes you get in your way to accomplishing the things you want to do.  Really, just give it away to the universe and to me that would be giving it to God, because he’s really in charge.  I truly believe that with every fiber of my body.  I’m not going to get all religious on this blog because that is a really personal thing.  I will say for me my relationship with God is good, could be better and I work on that but I feel He’s gotten me this far and He will get me the rest of the way home.  

I am Catholic and one of the reasons I love my religion is that there are so many ways in this religion to use for a support system.  Catholic meaning all universal/diverse.  At all the times in my life when I am experiencing difficulties like losing my son, being in a very serious car accident and suffering a traumatic brain injury, losing my extended family to divorce, and on and on and on.  I have always turned to Jesus and God my Father.  I have also leaned heavily on the Rosary, a most powerful prayer right along with the, “Our Father.”  All of these support systems have gotten me to a peaceful place.

Sometimes I forget that I’m not in charge.  The only control I have is what is given to me by God my Father.  He will see me through another day, I’ll take my angel’s with me to keep me focused and out of harms way and if anything comes up in my day, me and God will handle it together.  

So just for today, I’m not going to worry and I’m going to have a great day.    Because and this is straight from God.  He says, “Good Morning this is God….I will be handling all of your problems today.  I will not need your help.  So, have a good day.”  This is his business card, no really it hangs on my refrigerator and I don’t even know where it came from.  He’s got this ❤  And I will close with another song that brings me peace.  I hope today this post with give you Faith, Hope and Peace.   Blessing  ❤

I am going to leave you with one more of my favorite songs that I sing.  Singing for me is how I pray.  I just connect to heaven with the angel’s and God my Father through song.  I wish you a great day ❤    



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