So starts March, So starts Spring

 I’m just sitting here on my computer  fooling around with my blog and trying to get some new spring to it.  I thought it would be fun to watch my beautiful tree, I named her Season’s, bloom into the magnificent tree that she is.  That’s right my tree is a girl tree.  I just know she is.

I found a video on youtube about trees, who knew.  Well they are just beautiful and my Season’s could’ve made it in the video.  There are some really pretty ones.  I think I would love to have that Japanese Maple in my front yard too !!!  Enjoy

Season’s is beautiful.  She definitely is a full figured gal/tree in her later years in life, but she has earned all of those curves.  She wears them proudly.  We saw her in the Fall and the Winter.  Now she is coming out of her not so deep sleep this winter because we had a really mild winter.  If you don’t remember her from the fall and winter of the past no worries, here are some of her pictures…

 I have trees all around where I live and drive and I give them all names.  I watch them change every season and it brings me such comfort.  I especially love my Season’s when I drive up and pull into my driveway.  It’s such a good feeling that says, “I’m home.”  

I have pictures of many trees that I watch when I’m out walking.  Some day I’m going to write a book about my trees.  Some day ❤  For now I’m just going to write about her and post the pictures of her as she changes.  I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do…Blessings



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