The Chicago Blackhawks & Hockey

This is just a fun vid to watch, me and the husband like to sing it when we are driving on a road trip.  We don’t sound to bad either, enjoy ❤

What can I say.  We are at the last Sunday in February, the beginning of March this week.  OMG I just realized there are only 19 games left to the season, then the playoff’s begin.  That is a different season all in itself.  I can’t believe the season is almost over.  I am not ready for the playoff’s.  

Last night Connor called to FaceTime and we watched the outdoor game between the Colorado Avalanche and the Detroit Redwings.  The Detroit Redwings won, boo hiss.  I hate that team, always have.  I couldn’t believe I was watching a hockey game that the Hawk’s weren’t in.   He started rattling all these stat’s off about hockey.  The Redwings have been in the playoff’s for 25 years straight.  The most Stanley Cups would be the Montreal Canadians with 24.  That’s  what made me realize that it’s almost time for the playoff’s.  

The Chicago Blackhawks are in like 1st or 2nd place with 81 points.  The Dallas Stars and St. Louis Blues are chasing them.  They have made some  trades which puts them in a good position for another run at the cup.  They have gone deeper into their lines.  Really got some great players but at a price.  They did have to give up some of their good young players, but you have to give to get.

There are the guys in their new Blackhawk's Winter Classic Jerseys !!! Don't they look just gorgeous <3
There are the guys in their new Blackhawk’s Winter Classic Jerseys !!! Don’t they look just gorgeous ❤
Winter Classic, 2015
Winter Classic, 2015

Well the Blackhawks played the Capital’s (Washington) today and won !!!    I think the Capitals are in 1st place in there division w/the best record in hockey as of now (the husband chimed in).  I hate the Capitals too, ever since they beat us in the Winter Classic.  We could see them in the finals I don’t really want to even think about that.  I do like their coach though and it would be okay for him to get a ring, but no I can’t even think about that.  We must win the cup again.  K E E P  I T   I N  C H I C A G O  🙂

facebook_1430262632360 11188466_10153411454679258_3169871535087920637_n

February has been a very busy month just like I said it would be.  Even with the extra day it has flown by.  March will probably go by just as quick because I have so much to do this month too !!!  

We have to take an unplanned road trip, but as it is turning out it really was suppose to go this way.  I call them a God wink 😉  I have to get the website up and running for  It’s looking really good though.  Then there will be the usual stuff i.e. Spring Cleaning, landscaping, Easter & Easter Brunch, yadayadayada.  

My Planner is coming along really nice.  I have decided I am going to create a planner library/center complete with all my stuff that I plan with.  I have not decided what room it will go into yet.  I have been making some new tags.  They look really nice.  I’ll post some pictures of them.  I also got some new tapes that are fun to play around with in planner.  Of course there’s always time for Tangling (Zentangle with Letters).  I love, love, love anything with lettering.  It is a passion of mine ❤

New Tags
Planner Tape (So very cool !!)
My lovelies, sitting with my Zentangle book (one of them) 

That’s all for this Sunday afternoon, because you know what I say, “Planner’s gotta plan !!” That’s what I’m going to do after me and the husband go get dinner at a new place we want to try !!! Blessings for this new week ❤



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