My Beautius Planner

I love, love my planner and I love, love to plan.  It is truly my happy place.  I have been planning for 34 years, OMG.  I started planning when I become a homemaker.  That is when I officially retired from my career as an administrative assistant (aka a secretary, back in the day).  I loved my job, but I wanted a family and to be a homemaker.  I truly loved all of it.   So happy I started young.  Number 1. You really need to be young, because it is hard work !!!  And number 2. The younger you start, the younger you’ll be able to sort of retire and get reinvent yourself again  I’m happy I started young.  It worked for us. 

When I got pregnant with our first, I could tell right away I was going to have to get creative with this wife, mom homemake thing.  They are all different hats.  Then each of those roles became mini roles in themselves.  Along with those roles, I was also a writer.  I love to write.  I began to realize  that whenever I wrote things down, they got done.  The birth of my planner.   My favorite mantra, “Write it Down, Make it Happen !!”  That is also a book that I read, and it is my bible (not really, but you know what I mean) it is a very important part of how I developed my routine.

Other reading material that helped me to format my Planner was, “Confession’s of the Organized Homemake.”  Later books by her were,”Confessions of the Happily Organized Family and Kitchen Organization Tips and Secrets.”  All were written by Deniece Schofield.  

In this day and age, I have felt like this has become a lost art.  Making a home, having a family and a long, happy and loving marriage is no easy task.  I have loved my life with my husband, going on 37 years this year, woo hoo and we are still such good friends and deeply in love.  That’s not to say we have not had are difficulties, but when you have built a good support system, it has helped us to weather the storms.  

My planner, like I said is my happy place and I always love going and decorating it.  It makes me look forward to planning my day.  You have to be careful with it because in life you have to be flexible and plan for the unexpected.  Always have a plan, “B” otherwise you will make your family and you home miserable.  If it is causing you stress and not working, you have to make it work.  That is why it is an evolution.  Just experiment and make sure it makes you happy.  I have to admit the 1st book, Confessions of the Organized Housewife gives a really good outline of setting up your planner.  

This is my planner desk.  I am trying to figure out how to get it more streamlined and something more pleasing to the eye as it is in my Great Room and it usually looks like a hot mess.  I have a really beautiful room that I want to use as my writing room but I just haven’t figured that out yet, Beth… 😉  See for yourself

 This is the writing room that is far more peaceful (Not such a hot mess) and would be better but I have to figure out how to organize my planner stuff…                                                                                                       



So the planner supplies I am using now, well I need an intervention because I have found so many beautiful planner’s and I want them all.  I am using the, “La Vie en Rose,” for my daily planner.  That’s the one I do the most decorating in.  Here is the link for that one:

Then I found another really nice planner for my weekly planner, which I plan my week first and then I use that one to plan in my daily planner…This link is the inkwell press, but they have inventory issues.  I have found some on Amazon.  Don’t forget to use my Shop Amazon link on the first page of this blog in the left hand of the page…

The most important thing for my planner are the embellishments/sticker’s/jewelry !!!  Yes they even have jewelry, which I thing is just so much fun.  

Here’s the link for my Planner Girl stuff.  It really is just the coolest !!!  So much fun.

I’ll post some more links of the stuff I use.  You can also go on Youtube and see video’s of them using the planner supplies.  I know, who knew there was so much out there !!!  I mean I really had no idea, but I am having just loads of fun with this stuff.

Go ahead and try it and let me know if you like it too!!!  I’m sure you will… Blessings ❤   








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