Connie, cont….

Connor had his audition in Columbus and well he accomplished what he set out to do and so that was a successful audition.  It’s never time waisted because you get back in the groove of auditioning.  Any performer will tell you that you really have to know how to audition.  That in itself is a talent.

He also got experience in driving road trips.  I know when I was 23 I don’t think I could’ve/would’ve driven cross country by myself.  I don’t think I’d do it now.  When he was unpacking at home he had food, vitamin water (like 10 bottles) and bananas.  He layered clothing and let’s just say he was prepared.  I did feel slightly better that he had some foresight, but no never do that to your mother again.  I’m not a young woman anymore and I’m getting older by minute !!!!

He got home on Wednesday night and just slept in on Thursday.  Friday he went up to Milwaukee and took class and it went really well.  He danced in Milwaukee before, so they knew him.  They were very impressed at how he improved as a dancer he has become and again they will have to see what opens up.  But he got to see a lot of the old friends he had made there and he felt better after being around familiar faces 😉  

Like I said Planes, Trains & Automobiles…So his cross country road trip had come to an end and he would be flying home on Saturday.   Connor finally made it home last night via Southwest Airlines.   He flew to Orlando then onto Richmond and arrived safely.  He got a lot accomplished during the week.  He was able to audition for Columbus and he made it home to audition for Milwaukee Ballet.  That went really well, so now he’ll just have to sit and wait.  

Waiting is the hardest part.  It’s really like anything else in life.  Good things come to those who wait.  Just get in the raft and ride it down the river.  So much easier than trying to paddle up stream.  Really it will all work out exactly like it is suppose too.  I guess that is just some of my wisdom that I have gained through the years.  You can’t force things to happen.  Just do what you can do and give the rest to the universe.  

I truly believe in God and he is working in his omnipresent way for our good.  He has a plan and his timing is usually the perfect of timing.  When all of the pieces of the puzzle come together, he then connects them together into the beautiful picture that is your wonderful, amazing life.   You just have to believe and have faith ❤  See you soon again Connor, because me and the husband will drive his car back home to Richmond.  

It’s a nice drive and me and the husband love, love road trips.  We travel really well together.  We talk and laugh.  We remember the good old days and the family road trips we took together.  They were good, but challenging and cost a lot of money.  Now it’s not so much brain damage.  We go, stop at a Holiday Inn Express by the interstate and hopefully there’s a Starbucks close.  Get up whenever and drive, stop and eat and drive some more.   It is a great way to de-compress as a couple and just get out of town.  Hopefully this trip to Richmond will be a bit warmer than last, and we’ll make sure the mountains are clean and green.

We’ll fly home because we still have some comp’s from last year so it should be cheaper and faster.  A mini get away in the middle of work.  Kind of looking forward to it ❤

And whatever company you end up with Connor, you will be a great asset !!!  Good luck ❤  We love you ❤



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