This is my song for the day.  It sort of goes along the lines of the post, but I just really like it too… Enjoy ❤

So this has been a week, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.  I did get an unexpected visit from Connor.  I am so proud to be that kid’s mom !!!  I really did something right when I had him 🙂 So he is busy working on getting a contract for next year for dancing with a company and he has been auditioning around the country, literally.  

So much back story but I’ll try to do my best at compressing this into a shorter story rather than a long one.  Suffice it to say, my kids driving a car is not one of my strong points.  If you have read my blog, all you need is to go back to around February 7th and you’ll get why.  All of my kids didn’t even get their license till they were around 18 years old, and that was just because well they have to drive P E R I O D 😉  

So when we were out there last weekend for Romeo & Juliet we talked, not a lot and he said that he had the week off after the show.  He said he was going to go on auditions, but I thought he was going to go with someone else or fly, but not do a cross country, through the mountains by himself to go to an audition.   The husband flew right off to Tampa on business the day after we got home so I was by myself. On Tuesday,  I saw that Connor had not been on-line for like 5 hours so I asked his brother, “What’s up with Connor ??  Where’s he been ??”  He told me that he had left to go to Columbus, Ohio for an audition.  I said, “By himself, through the mountains ??”  And he said, “Yes.”

OMG I felt physically ill.  I called him right away and I said turn around and go home, what are you out of your mind driving through those mountains by yourself.  The weather at best was dicey.  Of course he said, ” Mom, I’ve got to do this !!  I’ve got an audition and I have to do this if I want to dance next year …”  I could hear in his voice he really wasn’t happy about being on this road trip by himself and he was a little spooked because this was his first cross country, solo.  I wasn’t making him feel any better either, but come on.  If anything happened to my Connie, well I just don’t even know how I could go on.  Once again I pleaded with him to turn around and go back, but he was firm about making that audition.  He wants to dance and he’s going to dance.  What a confident young man I had raised.  He was kind and respectful as a young man of 23 should be to his mom.  So I said, ” You need to leave a trail of crumbs and call me every step of the way !!  You have to promise me no matter what if the weather gets bad, you’ll stop and get off and yadayadayada.  Remember the bridge Connie, (inside joke).”

 Well I did what any mother would have done and called his older brother in Richmond and said, ” Do you really think that was such a great idea letting him go on a road trip, by himself through the mountains ??”  Of course he told me everything will be fine mom.  He stopped me and said in a calm, reassuring voice, ” He is going to an audition for 1 day, that’s it.  He will be fine.”  Matthew takes a very common sense approach when talking to me.   I came down just a bit from my major panic attack.  I said to Matthew, “Do you have the resources to get to him if something goes wrong?”  Matthew said to me again,  ” Nothing is going to go wrong.  Don’t worry mom, he will be fine.”

Then I called his dad, who had left for Tampa and told him what was going on.  I didn’t want to because he was in Tampa and what could he do.  When I told him I knew right away he was not happy about if.  He didn’t say, ” That’s okay, he’ll be fine. ”  There was silence, and I heard him sigh then he said, ” He did. “(his head drooping down).  I don’t know for sure if his head was drooping down, but it just sounded like it was.  Let me call you back and the phone went dead.”  5 minutes later he called me back and said that he had talked to Connor and that he had told him to keep in touch every step of the way.  

Well so much for making it a long story short.  But I will end it here with he got to Columbus, Ohio.  Thank you Jesus, and was in the hotel room.  It was a nice hotel and his audition was in the morning so he had made it to point “B”.  He got dinner and all was good for now.  1 day at a time.  Michael would be home tomorrow and Connor got to his audition ❤


Looking back on this, I really am proud of his initiative and going after what he wants in life.  He is honest and independent and has so much respect for his parents.  He is a great dancer, but there are only x amount of spots and it’s very competitive.  He’s a really great dancer !!!  Safe travels to my Connie !!  I love you too the moon and back.

Check back tomorrow and you’ll get the rest of the story about Connor’s Big Adventure/Trains, Planes and Automobiles.  Safe Travels ❤

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