Everything is Beautiful at the Ballet

Yes it is and I love, love, love going to the theater especially when my guys are up there performing on the stage.  We went to Romeo & Juliet this weekend, performed by the Richmond Ballet.  The dancer’s were stunning.  You were transported back in time to the Houses of the Capulet’s and the Montague’s.  You remembered your first kiss to the one who you gave your heart too.   Young love and conflict.  All the emotions were there for 2 1/2 hours.  It was very intense and entertaining all at the same time.  The story is timeless and you cry in the end.  All of the if’s, if she would’ve woken up sooner so she could’ve been with her Romeo.  If  Friar had gotten there to tell Romeo that his Juliet was just sleeping and not dead.  But alas, it was not to be and once again they will be together forever in death.  So sad, OMG I’m getting sad just writing about it…

Our Matthew was Tybalt and I must say he was amazing.  The part was perfect for him as he was constantly mad and looking for a fight.  Very good up there on the stage.  When I asked Connor what his part was as he put it I’m, “A Random Capulet” on the side.  I smiled and said for now, but I doubt you were anything but, “Random !!”  There were no small parts on this stage in this play !!!  He had 2 dance numbers that he was awesome in.  Here are a couple of the pictures I got from the play…

We had a really nice weekend, albeit a bit rushed.  Would’ve loved to spend more time with my guys.  We got there on Thursday night and watched the Blackhawks at their place.  They didn’t just lose, they got killed.  Then on Friday we had lunch w/Connor after the dress rehearsal.  We went to opening night on Friday.  After the show we had a late dinner with them in Richmond.  It really is a different life when you are a performer.  It is late nights but the guys are very used to it.  They have been professional performer’s for most of their adult life.  We just go along for the ride and they are kind enough to share it with us ❤  We love you Matthew & Connor.

We went back to the theater on Saturday night (they had 2 shows on Saturday)…  Matthew wanted us to meet the Artistic Director, Stoner Winslett.  I always feel so honored when they bring us into their circle of  friends, business colleagues and other dancer’s.  We met her and she was lovely.  She has really put together an amazing ballet company which is no easy task.  The company is full of absolutely wonderful people and amazing dancer’s.  The Carpenter Theatre where they perform,

is rich with beauty.   It is really important to keep the art’s alive ❤  They bring so much to this world.  We are lucky to have such dedicated people in the dance world !!!

Here are a few more pictures of our trip.  One of them is lunch with Connor and after lunch we went to Sugar Shack !!!  OMG they have the most amazing donuts I have ever tasted.  It really is just a little shack with maybe 3 parking spaces.  You always have to jockey around to get yourself parked and then there is always a huge line.  But they are w/o a doubt the best doughnuts I have ever tasted.  I won’t leave Richmond w/o a trip to the Sugar Shack.  There is also Duck Donuts and they are different but they rival Sugar Shack’s donuts.  I’m sure that’s why I put on some weight when I was out there but I don’t care.  They are just that good, that it’s worth it.  So I’ll walk an extra mile or give up a meal, but I’ll have my donuts !!!

Saturday night we just hung out at The Jefferson and watched the Blackhawks get beat again.  Whatever, I hope they right the ship and soon !!!   I packed for home and the guys came over after the show and had a couple of really delicious filet mignon burgers that we ordered for them from room service and we finished watching the hawks lose.  They went home because they were beat, 2 shows will do that to you.  We said our goodbyes because are flight left at 11:25 am and that was their call time for the 2pm matinee on Sunday.  So it was a quick trip out there, but we packed a lot into 3 days.  Here are some of the pics I got from the hotel.  It is a lovely southern hotel and yes it’s named after Thomas Jefferson ❤

Here is a video the husband took while I was walking up those gorgeous stairs !!!  The legend of the stairs, they are the ones from “Gone With the Wind” that Rhett carried Scartlett up ❤  I told the husband he should carry me up those stairs 😉

Here is another video of the plane ride home.  The first one is when we are getting ready to fly home.  Then we had to get off the plane because there were delays on the other end b/c of weather so the 2nd video was the actual one of us taking off.   I am a bit sketchy about flying but after this weekend, I’m so over it.  Get in the plane, sit down and just go.  All will be fine and it was 😉


2 Comments on “Everything is Beautiful at the Ballet

  1. Your guys are so talented! How nice that you were able to see them perform and spend some time with them. (It’s never enough, but it’s good when everyone can manage it!)

    • Thank you so much !! I just love, love, love watching them perform. I think I’m the luckiest mom in the world ❤ Blessing and thanks for visiting

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