Happy Valentines Day

So it’s freezing, no I mean really horrible bitter cold !!!  But how great is that, you can get a blanket and snuggle with the one you love ❤  I know that’s what we are going to do.  We celebrated our Valentine’s Day last weekend so we will be able to watch TV and snuggle.  Sounds like a plan to me.

So last weekend we went downtown to a delicious steak dinner at Chicago Cut Steakhouse !!!  The husband’s new fav restaurant.

We had a lovely dinner and dessert.  OMG I ate too much but it was so good !!!  It was chilly but I wore my new coat so I was warm and dressed for the city in February by the River, brrrr chilly, cold.  I really love to get dressed up and go out on a date night.  He just spoils me and I love, love, love it !!! ❤  The Blackhawks were on so we watched the game from the bar.  That is also one of my favorite things to do.  No that would be my most favorite thing to do.  Watching the Chicago Blackhawk’s and they won.  

It was better going out last weekend for Valentine’s Day ❤  It wasn’t so crowded and we didn’t have the brain damage for getting reservations.  We got great seating at the restaurant at a really good time 6pm.  The husband knows someone at the restaurant, so they gave him what he wanted.  He goes there a lot with customer’s.

Chicago Cut Steakhouse
Chicago Cut Steakhouse

Nice picture of him !!!  He is just the sweetest man alive and I love him to pieces.  37 years married this year, but we’ve been together for 40 years.  I know, I know he married me when I was like 12.  At least that’s what I say, not really but then I can’t be that old right 😉

That was our Valentine’s Day and we had a really nice evening.  It’s was a very romantic dinner with the backdrop of the city to look at.  The weather was a crisp winter evening in the city.  The city is always so alive on the weekend.  It’s fun to people watch and make up stories.  

My sweet husband ❤ I love you, Michael ❤
Those are just really cute socks that I wanted to wear !!! They were creme colored with gray hearts on them. Didn't photograph well ;)
Those are just really cute socks that I wanted to wear !!! They were creme colored with gray hearts on them. Didn’t photograph well 😉
Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day



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