February 7, 1982 cont.

I just went over and re-read my post about the accident.  I wanted to pick up where I left off.  I don’t have too much on hand experience about that time because as I said I was asleep, in a coma.  

I don’t remember any part of the accident.  Getting in my car, driving to where the accident happened, police, ambulances, hospitals, ICU, absolutely nothing !!!  The first memory I had was right around the middle of March, and the first thing I remember is my sister telling me I had been in a very serious accident and I have been in the hospital in a coma.  My first question was who was president because I didn’t even know how much time had elapsed.  She told me it was still Ronald Reagan and that I had only been unconscious for about a month.  Only been unconscious for a month.  I had lost an entire month.  Can you even imagine what that would be like to have no memories of an entire month??  I always said I wished I could sleep through winter and I did basically.

I was paralyzed on my left side.  I couldn’t walk or see very well.  My left arm was curled up and I couldn’t get it to come down and use it.  The doctor’s said I had injured the nerve in my shoulder and it would have to recover from the trauma first before I could use it.  There were a lot of injuries and it was a very long road back to recovery.   When my arm started to recover, it felt like it was asleep.  You know that tingling awful feeling, ewww.  So I kept asking the husband to bring me a pitcher of ice water, thinking that I would wake it up.  I thought to myself (I’ll show those damn doctor’s) my arm is fine.  But nothing would wake it up.  After the water didn’t wake it up, I sat there at kept slapping my hand trying to wake it up.  Nope that didn’t work either.  Finally, gradually  the arm started to heal and  straighten out and I could begin physical therapy with it.  I remember a very kind nurse brought me a tennis ball so I could squeeze it to get some strength back in my hand.

I also had a broken right pelvis that they never discovered until my mother (who was also a nurse) found it odd that I was in pain on my right side, and a staph infection had started.  She did some research at the library (b/c there was no internet then) and found causes for staph infections broken bones, usually the pelvis.  She went back to the hospital and asked if anyone had x-rayed the pelvis area and they had not.  The finger pointing started, ” We thought they did it at the other hospital she was at .”  ” We were more concerned about her neck and back…”  So no one had x-rayed that area.  Let’s here it for the medical professionals, raspberry :0(  

They took me down to x-ray and boom, it was positive for a broken right pelvis.  Now mind you I was already conscious and they said it had already begun to mend.  They would have to re-break it so that it could heal properly.  The husband said, ” Absolutely NO WAY, NO HOW, is that going to happen !!! ”  So it healed wrong, but thankfully nothing ever came from that mistake.  I went on to have 5 children, naturally w/o complications.  So for that I am eternally grateful for.

After some physical therapy and more healing of the broken pelvis, I was released to go home.  I couldn’t go back to the apartment because it was on the 3rd floor, no elevator and the husband had to work.  I needed 24/7 care in the beginning as I was still on a walker and could do very little for myself.  Even typing these words, it all seems like I could never go through something like this but I did.  I was also extremely under weight.  Remember I said I went to the doctor’s and was weighed that morning of the accident in February… I was 120 lbs. that day.  I had no mirror or anything to see how I looked so I was pretty much unaware that I was any different.  My sister was taking me back to her house where I would wait for my mom to come and get me.  I was going to do my rehab  at her home in Wisconsin.    When my sister brought me some  of my clothes and I put them on, I said, ” These aren’t mine, they were just hanging on me.  They don’t even fit !!! ”  She said that I had lost a lot of weight.  I didn’t eat anything for over a month, it was all IV fluids.  Well I was weighing in at about 60 lbs., OMG !!!

I went home to my sister’s house and she cared for me until my mom could get down to pick me up and take me to her house to get me better.  It was a very long road to recovery.  I had to learn how to walk again.  I had no strength.  When I got up in the morning, I would be back to sleep by noon.  One of my first accomplishments was making a pot of coffee, really.  But that was a big deal for me !!    

I learned so much from that experience and now thinking back on it I was so blessed I made it back.  Very little collateral damage.  My ring finger and my pinky on my left hand, still tingle and that is it for residual effects from that car accident.    God blessed me with the strength and gave me the grace to make it back.  I will never forget that accident and I say thank you every night for my health and the health of those that I love ❤  Blessings

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