35 years ago, today

Yes today is an anniversary.  It is probably one of the most important anniversary’s in my life !!!  No it’s not a wedding anniversary or the day I met my husband.  It’s not anything like that.  Today is the anniversary that changed my life forever.  It is the day that I learned how fast your life can be changed in literally a second.   It was a day just like today, bright sunshine, chilly.  A typical winter day.  

It was Saturday and I had my errands to run.  When I got up that morning, I did spa day.  You know shave the legs, groom the eyebrows, a mini facial and all the lotions & potions of course.  We were going to a wedding that evening (a close family friend) so I got my shower/spa stuff out of the way.  My first errand was a doctor’s appt.  I had not been feeling well and I was just going to go and get a once over to make sure everything was okay.  He did the usual height and weight thing, BP yadayadaya.  My weight was 120 lbs. which isn’t a bad weight for 5’3″.  He told me everything was good and I probably was just experiencing the winter blues.  I was a healthy young woman, all of 21 years ❤

My next errand was to the mall.  I was getting my hair french braided for the wedding that evening.  After getting my hair done, I ran into my husband of a 1 1/2 years.  He came to the mall looking for me because he knew where my appointments were.  We had a fight that morning because he had been out late partying with the people at work and fell asleep at the wheel and got into a car accident.  He hit a viaduct and went through the windshield.  He was so lucky to walk away from that w/o serious injury !!!  There is a lot of back story to this but for today I’m just going to talk about my car accident.

When I saw him at the mall, I said we really need to go home and talk this out.  So I went to my car and he got into his and followed me.  We were going back to our apartment.  I was turning left onto a very busy highway w/o a light to control traffic.  He was about 2 cars in back of me.  He was getting anxious and was thinking would she turn already.  He looked away for a second and right at that moment I turned.  I made it to the middle of the median and was sitting there waiting for the other traffic lanes to clear so that I could turn.

As I was sitting in the median he was looking back and forth waiting for his turn, watching the traffic.  Now it was a very busy day as it was Saturday morning at the mall.  Once again he turned away for a second, but the next time he looked up to see where I was someone had barreled right into the side of my car.  I was in a compact car, a Nissan and the car that hit me was an old Chevy, basically a tank.

It didn’t seem real to him at first.  He explained to me that everything just started moving in slow motion.  He jumped out of his car, through traffic and ran to my car.  Other people did the same.  He wouldn’t let anyone near me as the car was not on fire and he was protecting me from further injury caused by unnecessary movement.   I did not have a seatbelt on and was thrown to the passenger side of the car.  Blood was coming out of my ear and the side of my mouth, but other than that there didn’t appear to be any other injuries.

Soon emergency vehicles got to the scene of the accident, the police and ambulance.  No one was injured in the other car thankfully.  My husband was being a little crazy, as you can well image he just witnessed his young wife getting into this horrible car accident.  I was unconscious (thank God) so he could not ask me if I was okay.  The police were like who is this young man out here screaming ???  That’s when he told them that I was his wife.  It was a bit confusing, because why weren’t you hurt in the accident.  Then they figured it out, 2 separate cars.  They put him into their squad car to get him out of harms way.  He told me that he was so upset when they put him into the squad car he just wanted to shoot the police rifles into the air that were laying on the front seat.   Good thing he didn’t, OMG…

The ambulance transported me to 2 different hospitals because the first hospital they took me to did not have the necessary equipment they needed to diagnose my injuries (CT Scanner).  It was back in the early 80’s, what can I say I’m a dinosaur.  Thankfully I didn’t suffer any broken bones, neck or back.  However I did suffer a traumatic brain injury, a contusion on the right side of my brain.  There also wasn’t any major bleeding on the brain so it was all pretty good news.  However the brain injury would cause swelling and I did go into a coma for about 3 weeks.  Extremely weird, but I thank God because he protected me from all that was happening around me.

This accident also touched my boss in a very up close and personal way.   On that morning, as you well could imagine the traffic quickly backed up and people had to be re-routed because of the accident. I worked as a secretary for the railroad in the city at the time. My boss was on his way to the mall that morning and he drove right by the accident scene. He saw the cars and thought, someone is in a world of hurt right now.  He had no idea it was me until Monday morning when my husband called him to tell him that I had been in a serious car accident at the mall over the weekend. The conversation went quiet as he realized it was me that he had witnessed in the accident. First of all when he got a call from the husband he almost knew what he was going to say. Then when he told him I had been in a serious car accident over the weekend, he knew immediately that it was me.  He went on to tell him that I was in very critical condition, with a traumatic brain injury and it would be a while before they would know anything.  We will just have to wait until she wakes up to see what kind of damage she has suffered.  For now, just pray that she will come back to us…

We were also suppose to be at wedding that evening of very close family friends. When our entire table was empty, and no phone call they immediately knew something very bad was going on !!!  Today was February 7, 1981.  A young married of a year or so.  This was the day I nearly lost my life and I will never forget all of the lessons I have learned from that day, the entire experience. I will share some of them with you.  Not to get on a pulpit and preach but to remind myself how life is a fragile magic and how blessed I truly am.

Like I said, in a second your life can be changed.  That is the most important lesson I have ever learned in my life.  Your parent’s always tell you, “You just never know how quickly life can change.”  You always think, yes but that always happens to someone else not me.  Well that day I turned into the girl that is someone else, and for that I say, ” Thank You ❤ ”   I have tried, not always been successful, to not waist any of my time on sweating the small stuff because I learned that day it’s all small stuff !!!  Blessings ❤



11 Comments on “35 years ago, today

    • It is a day that forever changed how I look at the world. I thank God for this lesson so early on in my life, as I have tried not to waste my time fretting about things that just don’t matter !!! Blessings ❤

    • Yes it was so terrible, but I think it was worse for those who had to watch me got through it. Like I said, God protected me from that. I got to sleep through it all. I literally woke up and said what happened. My sister told me I had been in a terrible car accident and it was the middle of March. That truly was a one of the strangest feelings I have ever experienced. Thanks for reading ❤ Blessings to you

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    I knew I must have already posted this on a previously anniversary. But today’s the anniversary 38 years ago. It’s a very strange feeling I have about this day. I learned so much from that accident and I still remember how fragile life is. I am blessed and I take very little for granted. I believe in God and he has a plan for all of us and he is the one who’s in control. My life has a purpose. If I would of left the earth that day, 5 lives would never have been. I have learned that gratitude and being grateful can get you through a lot of life. I learned about commitment, vows of for better or worse, til death do you part. I saw the man I married show what he was made of and how lucky I was to have him in my life. He’s is and always has been my rock, my person. I love you husband <3. So if you feel like it I'm re-blogging this post and you can read it because it's part of my story and it has a happy ending 🙂 Blessings but I think I'll just stay in and have pj kind of day. Because it's snowing and I really hate driving in the snow ❤

    • Thanks for stopping by Mz. Janet. Yes we have another 2/3 inches of that white stuff. So it’s a pj’s kind of day for me, and binge watching Netflix. Yay

    • Hey Mz. Martha Hi…Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Yes that day had a huge impact on my life. I’ll never forget all of the lessens that I learned. There was me before the accident and then there was me after the accident. I was so lucky and God was so watching over me. He has a plan and that changed my life forever. Getting ready for snowmageddan. They say a foot. Really 😦 Hope all is well. Been following your minimal posts. Very good and interesting !!

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