The song of the night for you while you click away on my Amazon Link’s 😉

Okay now maybe you didn’t read that far down yesterday, so I’m going to start out from the beginning.  Just go click on it, really guys.  I want to see if my link works and it won’t count for me if I do it…  I even had this guy come over today, (my web designer) and he fixed the link for me so I know you can see it.  So please, please, please just click on it you don’t have to buy anything really, just click on it.  So that’s my post for today.  Love ya, blogger’s ❤

And I know you can see the link b/c the web guy made it so pretty on my page.  But if not, here’s the link.

Okay now click, click, click  !!!  I’ll tell you tomorrow how many I get.   While your at it go check out my Handmade account to for some beautiful artwork…Here’s the link for that.  I hope I have not totally annoyed any of my follower’s or reader’s.

Here’s a couple of his painting’s.  They really are very lovely and bring such peace and harmony to our home.  I really can’t explain it, but for everyone of his pieces of art there’s a story I could write about it.  Go look for yourself, there are stories in everyone of them !!!

This is what my husband the artist started that night after our trip out to headlight. It was finished before we got home...
The Portland Headlight
A Winter Afternoon in the Park

Well you really need to go look at them and see if they talk to you and tell you a story.  Blessings

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