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I love holidays that give you an excuse to pamper yourself, because we as women, need a reason to indulge…Not, but it always helps when the husband says, ” You sure are treating yourself pretty nice.”  You reply, ” Well I just thought you wouldn’t mind, and this could be my Valentine’s gift to me from you !!! ”  Sheer genious, because as we all know we will still get some flower’s, candy, a romantic dinner or all 3 but actually 4 when you throw in the mani/pedi <3.  So here is what I did yesterday, I got my red on !!!  It felt so good to get the toes done too.

Today I am going to try to get the housecleaning done that I thought I was going to get done yesterday.  I don’t really know how I thought I was going to do that, but oh well.  Today will be a good day to stay in and work around the house.  It’s cloudy and still a little yucky out so maybe I’ll make some soup for dinner w/a loaf of hot crusty bread for dinner.  I think I will make my Baked Potatoe Soup.  It’s so good and really easy to make.  I haven’t had it for a while and today seems like the perfect day to do that.

My Blackhawks were back on last night and they righted the ship !!!  They won on the road in Colorado.  It was a pretty good game and right out of the box they grabbed the lead 2/0 so it was fun to watch.  

So much to do this month so I better get at it.  So if you haven’t got your red on yet, hurry up and do it.  Valentine’s Day is one of my fav’s.  Love, love, love the decorations, the candy and the sentiment.  If you don’t have a nail girl, go shopping at Ulta (my 2nd favorite store, Target being 1st) and get some red nail polish and give yourself a mani/pedi at home.  Don’t forget some pretty lotion that smells nice and have a spa day !!  I ordered some really good cookies for Valentine’s Day and am looking forward to those arriving.  I’ll have some tea and cookies, read a good book or work on my planner for a special treat to me ❤  B O O M  Happy Valentines Day, love ya ❤

Don’t you just love, ” The Rose ” This is one of my favorites and it’s one of the husband’s first paintings. Okay I know it might be hard to find our, “Handmade” account on Amazon to purchase this awesome painting, so here’s the link:

Okay so maybe it’s kind of hard to find my Shop link on the 1st page of my blog down there in the lefthand corner so while your at it you might as well go check out Amazon and go shopping.  Here’s that link and have a great day !!!!  Remember to get your red on girls  ❤


5 Comments on “Tips & Toes

  1. Where did you order the cookies from? Maybe it’s from Amazon and we could all click your link and order our own?!!!

  2. I knew what you meant, thanks for mentioning it was a genius move !!! Hey you learn a thing or two after 30 sevsomething years with your guy !!! He already told me he’s taking me out to dinner this weekend ❤ B O O M

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