Hello Sunday, February’s already over !!!

Yes I know it hasn’t even started but I just have so much to do this month that it’s going to be over before I even know it has begun !!!  We are setting up Elan Creations Website and that is taking up a lot of our time.  The weekend just flew by.  Between taking photos of the artwork and loading it up and emailing it to our web designer, time just flew.  Here we are and it’s already Sunday afternoon.  I will give you a preview of the pictures that will debut on our new website.  We will be heading out of town too so that really kills it for February.  Here’s the your music for today.  A beautiful song and an amazing artist, Vincent Van Gogh ❤

I am going to start purging, space clearing, throwing things away, spring cleaning whatever you want to call it.  You just collect so much stuff and before you know it you are 1 episode away from Hoarder’s on TLC !!!  The Kitchen is a good place to start.  I get my post a notes and I walk around the house and put a note marked, “Hotspot” wherever it needs attention.  But I really do love my home.  Yesterday my journal question was, “What makes your house a home?”  I’m not really sure how I can explain it, but I put so much time, energy and love into maintaining my home it is just filled with the best of me.  All who enter into my home have said the same thing, it’s just so…and then they are at a loss for words to explain it.

I know what they mean and I know what they feel because I feel it to.  For me homemaking is an art form.  It takes a lot of creativity and time to make a house into a home.  You’ll know it when you get there because a house is just a building, but a home is a feeling.  A feeling of comfort, peace, and security.  A home has certain smells to it such as fresh coffee brewing in the morning with bacon & eggs being fried for breakfast.  A pot of soup or spaghetti sauce cooking in the afternoon.  Maybe the aroma of a blueberry pie baking in the oven.  

There are also the sounds of a home.  Dogs barking at the mail truck outside, making the rounds.  The washer filling up with the water and then the buzzer goes off on the dryer.  Someone taking a shower getting ready for work.  I have a routine everyday where I call it waking up the house.  I open the blinds and turn certain lights on, and I have the same routine when I put the house to bed for the night.  When the kids were home, they knew to stay out of the kitchen after it was, “Closed.”  Unfortunately the husband doesn’t adhere to those rule, but then he doesn’t have too.  I kind of like getting up in the morning and seeing what he was ravaging through in the kitchen after I had gone to bed.  Usually it’s a bowl of cereal.  

I love my home, it is alive and well.  It keeps me safe and warm and allows me to create and live my life.  I always tell the husband, “Thank You,” for making it possible for me to stay home and be a homemaker.  I love it !!!  

  These are just a preview of some of his artwork that will be featured on our new website.  They are all available for purchase.  You can email me anytime if you want to order anything before the website launch.  They really are beautiful and so affordable.  Enjoy the rest of Sunday !!!  Blessings ❤



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