The winter fog is lifting, I hope…

It might be premature in thinking that the, “Winter Fog” is lifting, but I had a really good day yesterday and things just seem to be falling into place.  I think having a positive attitude helps, along with a trip to Target.  That is just the best store 🙂  You don’t even have to buy anything, but really who goes into Target and comes out empty handed, did no one ever 🙂  I also got some new dishes for the kitchen.  It’s really nice not to have to buy service for 1000, no I’m kidding but I only need service for 4 and that’s plenty ❤  I didn’t even have to pay for them because I used my Pier One gift card from Christmas.

Pretty Dishes for the Spring
Pretty Dishes for the Spring

I had the housecleaner’s yesterday and that always makes for a great day.  You come home and your house has that fresh smell to it and it’s clean !!!  I got to do a restock at target plus I got a bunch of new things to organize my planner craft supplies.  In that purchase, I got a glue gun.  I wonder how long I will keep it before I throw it out.  I say that because the last time I tried my hand   with a glue gun all I got was burned over and over and over again.  Those things are really dangerous !!!  So it will be interesting to see how long it lasts 🙂  Oh and  I got my hair cut and styled which always, always feels good.  I wanted to grow it out, but the hair really looks good short and it is so easy to do and the husband loves it so it will stay short ❤

I also got my packages from my Planner Girl’s and I absolutely love, love, love their line.  I just wanted to start planning and use it all, but it was late and I had to get to bed.  I like to have a plan for tomorrow, so I just grabbed my Blooms planner daily sheet and wrote some stuff down when I got into bed.  Having a plan really keeps me moving forward which is always a good thing.  Keeping everything else in the rearview mirror.  Here are just a few of the cards included in their package.  Aren’t they just adorable !!!!  I put them on my mirror, right in front of my face to make me smile and never forget who I am and where I came from and the battles that I have won !!!  Wow where did that come from…

Planner's Gotta Plan & DREAM BIG, my friend <3
Planner’s Gotta Plan & DREAM BIG, my friend ❤

We had dinner at Buffalo Bob’s because the Blackhawks were playing.  That probably was the only thing that went wrong yesterday.  The got their heads handed to them.  Probably a good thing, keeps you from getting too confident.  We had trouble last time with Carolina.  It wasn’t pretty and I didn’t watch,it was too painful.  So I didn’t get to FaceTime with my Connor 😦   He looked like he was pretty tired from work anyway, we’ll FaceTime soon.  It’s always fun to chat with him.  Matthew is usually lurking around back so we get to spend time with both of them ❤  

The week is going by fast as usual.  I got the bills done and I still have a little bit of coin, which is always a good thing ❤  Did some shopping for our up coming trip.  I don’t have the airplane outfit yet but I still have time to get that.  I don’t like shopping for clothes, I do most of it on-line.  It’s easier and I know my sizes pretty well.  There are a lot of good deals now with free shipping so it’s no brain damage. 

I can finally watch this again and it brings a smile to my face, enjoy 🙂

So that’s all for Hump Day 🙂  I hope the weeks going great for you.  If not, just go buy a $1 lotto ticket, hey you never know and that will always gives you little hope.  You can’t win if you don’t play !!   I have also decided to write down 2 things in my daily, “to do’s.”  

1. Do something today that makes you happy.  I told the husband get a cup of tea (we really love this hot ginger tea) at our place downtown or go buy yourself some new paint/paper.  Do whatever makes you happy 🙂  and  

 2.  Do a good deed for someone.  It doesn’t have to be huge.  Give someone the right of  way with a hand wave.  Smile and say, “Good Day,” to a stranger.  I like to pay for the guy in back of me when I am at Starbucks.  That always makes me feel good.  I watch them get up to the window and the expression on their face is well, priceless. Yesterday when I was in the parking lot at the grocery store, (and it was freezing) all I had on was my jean jacket, I saw a really nice pair of glasses laying right next to my car.   Someone had obviously just dropped them out of their purse so I scooped them up and ran them back into the store.  B O O M  my good deed for the day.  That was easy 🙂

Today is going to be a good day.  I am meeting with my tech person and we are building our store.  It will be ready soon.  I am so excited because of the direction our lives are going, soon we will not have to live in the midwest and we can live where we want to.  The future looks bright.  Blessing and have a grrreat day.   It’s almost Spring, not really but we are closer than before.   Don’t forget if you are shopping on Amazon to use my link !!!

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