My Son, the Good Samaritan

I thought this was a pretty good song for a Monday Morning and it always brings a smile to me because I think of the love of my life, of course the husband.  He sings this to me every time I get that look…You know the look, he’s just the sweetest guy.  So this one is for you.  Have a great Monday and a great week !!!!

Good morning everyone and welcome to My Monday Morning Musings.  The weekend went by quickly as it usually does, but I got so much accomplished in my planner.  I really can’t believe that January is almost over but I am so glad that it is.  Can you tell the days are getting longer ??  I can and it just makes me feel good because I feel like the end is in site.  Well at least I can see the tunnel.  I may not be in the tunnel but I can see it and it’s not far.

Saturday was kind of a bust, we didn’t do much of anything.  We really did do some stuff.  The husband painted me some new things.  I thought he did a really great job on them.  Here they are…I really like them and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them.  I think I will try to shrink them down and make them into sticker’s for my planner.  We’ll see ❤

The Kitty
The Kitty



 Sunday the same thing but we at least got showers and went out to dinner.  We just laughed at each other on Sunday when we saw how we looked.  Bed head was everywhere.  I got the shower first and the husband was watching the playoff’s.  I told him he better get in there and take a shower or when they find him he is going to be part of the couch…

The guys survived snowmaggeddan out east.  They got a lot of snow.  Connor is just the best young man.  We watched the game, Blackhawks vs. the St. Louis Blues and they won Woo Hoo !!!  When I asked him how his car survived the storm, he said he walked up to Lowe’s and bought a shovel.  He had to dig it out.  He still couldn’t drive because the roads were a mess.  Then I asked about Matthew’s car and he said I dug his car out too !!!  What a great brother.  I told Matthew to say thank you to your little brother.  So lucky to have him.  He also said he was helping people dig out all day because they (the Virginian’s) just don’t know how to deal with all this snow.  What a great kid !!!

Connie ❤

They will be back at work today and the weather is going to be warm, 4oish degree so the snow will probably be gone by the time we get out there.  I am really looking forward to seeing them.  Cabin fever is running around here big time and I need to get out of town and do something.  I just hope the weather will cooperate.  You just never know what it’s going to be like this time of year.  Let’s hope they got their blizzard out of their system and it will be an early spring so we can enjoy the weather.

Finally got to walk up and get the car, the weather has moderated so that felt good.  Had a couple of blimps in my day so I’m trying to figure out what to do with what’s left of it.  I probably will go shopping.  I need some lotions and potions and I think I’ll go check out Macy’s.  I bet there are some really good sales on winter coats and while I’m at it I think I’ll check out DSW for some new boots.  It should be a good week, housecleaner’s coming and that’s always good.  Still need to do the kitchen, but that’s like the basement, too many ghost’s…

I will be getting the husband’s website up soon for his artwork so remember to keep checking for that and don’t forget about my Shop Amazon Link.  If it’s not on Amazon, I don’t think it exists !!!  I love, love, love to shop at Amazon.  I should be getting some of my packages today, planner stuff !!!  I love the planner stuff.  It’s like Christmas everyday when you shop on-line.  


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