Planner Nightmare

B O O M  Here’s your song for tonight.  I love, love, love this song.  Takes me back to a happy place and time ❤

Last night ( Friday ) we just hung out and watched the Blackhawk’s get their head handed to them by the Florida Panther’s !!!!  It was ugly 😦 and not much fun to watch.  So that means that both teams in Florida, the Lightning and the Panthers beat the Stanley Cup Champions.  It was especially painful to see the Tampa Bay Lightning beat them because you know they wanted to get some kind of revenge on them because we won the Stanley Cup.  The Florida Lightning had been off for 2 days and were coming off a 4 game losing streak so you know they had something to prove, whatever.   We will have to right the ship on Sunday when they come home and play St. Louis.  We are still in 1st place and I think they are just a little tired and as Connor says, “It’s January.”  I don’t really get that, isn’t January for them too 🙂  But it will do them good to rest after Tuesday with the All-Star break.  It really is a grueling schedule and sport to play.  I really don’t know how they do it !!!

Today me and the husband just spent the day at home doing nothing and it loving that.  We slept in, albeit only till 8 am.  We went and got our Starbucks.  Then we came home and just started working on our stuff.  Him in his art room and me with my planner.  Last night I almost got the desk cleaned off, but this morning I just started to go through all my planner supplies to get them organized.  First you have to see what you have, then you can get a handle on how to organize them.  Well I made an even bigger mess of the desk, although I did get some organizing done.  I got my new planner yesterday from Inkwell Press and I think I am going to use it.  Here are some pictures of my mess that I have been making with all of the planner stuff :/

Front of Planner Book Mark
Front of Planner Book Mark
Back of Planner Book Mark
Back of Planner Book Mark







I will take some pictures of my new Inkwell Press Planner.  I really like it and even though I ordered the wrong one, I think I’m going to try it out and see how it works.  I just can’t buy another planner.  I have too many already and it’s getting a little complicated ❤

The guys got hit bad with snowpacalypse/snowmaggeddan, but they haven’t lost power and they have food and water so they are doing okay.  It’s not like they have never seen this before.  They lived in the midwest and have been through plenty of blizzards so it really wasn’t that new to them.  The Virginian’s aren’t use to that so they think it’s cool.  Matthew was out taking some good photo’s of the, as he put it, carnage !!!  It did look bad by the coast, especially up by New York.  There is nothing worse than floods, especially in the winter !!!!

I’m going to get back to the planner and try to make some sense out of the desk.  I’m really loving this planner thing that I am doing.  Looking forward to getting my other website built.  It is going to be very good, so stay tuned and I’ll make sure I will link you up to it all.  

Don’t forget it you are shopping through Amazon, come to my blog and use the link, “Shop Amazon.”  It’s down in the left hand corner by my blogroll.  Please use it if you shop.  I love, love, love to shop Amazon.  You can also purchase all the husbands artwork and pick up some really good deals on original watercolor prints.  Go take a look, they can also be custom framed and matted to whatever kind of look you need.  Blessing ❤  Before I forget here’s the link to the husband’s Amazon Homemade…Or you can just click on the link, Shop Amazon, and type in the bar “Homemade Elan Creations” and it will take you to his amazon site.  A lot of options, it’s really very easy to get there from here 🙂

Remember we still have one more day to do whatever we want to do.  Sleep in, watch movies, write someone a letter, shop, go out to eat.  At least make a list of what you might do with your 24 hours.  Write it Down, Make it Happen !!!!  There is so much you can do with 24 hours, don’t waste a second of it !!!  I’m going to sleep in and watch the Blackhawks and do more planning stuff <3.  Who knows maybe I’ll get that stupid refrigerator cleaned.  I really think I should just buy a new one 🙂   Love Ya’ll 


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