Target Time

Good Friday morning to all of you out there in the blogosphere !!!  I hope the weather is good where you are.  I know we have snowmageddon going on out east and it’s not like I don’t have enough to worry about, now I’ll have to think about our boys and hope they just stay in and don’t get hit too hard.  When I last talked to them it had not begun snowing yet but watching the radar on the TWC says it is or at least it’s really close.  I have sent their Angels to watch over them so that’s about all I can do and pray.  Yes that’s what mother’s do, they pray and they pray a lot.  You see God doesn’t have a FB page, but he’s my friend and He doesn’t have an iPhone but I can talk to him anytime !!!  Song for the day ❤ Living on a Prayer

This morning I got up and took the husband to the bus.  I wanted to walk (could use the exercise) but I have a lot going on today and it still  not really warm so I just thought I might as well get this day going.  I did my planner last night.  I have decided to start the day with my target time.  I have timed pretty much everything I do, so I know how much time I need to get to my target time,  I hate rushing.  I even got started on that stupid refrigerator.  I threw some stuff out, like the eggnog from Christmas (it wasn’t opened) so it wasn’t gross or anything.  Well I think now I will be able to get it cleaned today.  Before I go on, let me show you a picture of my planner that I did last night.

My Beautius Planner ❤


Last night I cooked dinner at home.  I just love, love, love getting that done.  I bought a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store, boiled some penne pasta, layered the pasta, chicken with some alfredo sauce (prego/homestyle alfredo sauce), sprinkled on some mozarella and repeat.  Baked at 350 degrees until it was warmed through and browned on top, B O O M my almost homemade Chicken Alfredo.  It was really good but next time I’m going to add some spinach to give it color and to get some veggies into the husband.  We had some buttered flat bread too.  I would definitely put this in the category of comfort food.  When I asked the husband does this sound like something he would like he responded,”  Chicken – Pasta – Sauce – Cheese, what’s not to like. ”  It was a hit and I started to get that stupid refrigerator cleaned.  

I have a busy day today, but hey everybody it’s F R I D A Y !!!  So isn’t that great, we have two whole days to sleep in and do whatever we want !!!  I am going to plan so I don’t waste them.  I have a couple of order’s from Amazon and I hope I will get that planner from Inkwell Press so that I can determine what my next move is with the planner that is.  I also ordered a lot of new stickers & stuff for the planner.  I’ll take a picture of them, it’s fun to play with all that stuff.  I know I’m old but I still love to play ❤   I am going to get that refrigerator cleaned.  I’m going to menu plan next week and get a grocery store/target list going.  I am going to work in/play with my planner, read, drink tea, look for some books downstairs in the basement ( ughhhh I hate the basement, ghost’s!!! ) and sleep in !!!

Today though I have a lot of stuff to do…Weekend maintenance, vacuum, laundry.  I’m going to get the nails done today, they look awful.  Dinner out with the husband and then the Blackhawks are on vs. Florida Panther’s.  I’m sure we will watch the game with the guys and they can give me a weather report on Snowmaggedon!!!   They lost last night 😦 but whatever.  They can’t win every game.   Have a great Friday blogger’s, I know I will ❤


2 Comments on “Target Time

  1. I like your planner, but I really laughed when I saw “WordPress for Dummies.” I have to get that book. Once I learned WordPress, things are easy, but when I try to add something or make a change (or they make ANOTHER change) …. well, it takes a lot of time to figure things out.

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