Write Anything Wednesday

So I will write anything.  I think I’m in the winter doldrums because I just feel like I’m standing still even though I’m not.  So yes it is the winter doldrums, cabin fever, blah, blah, blah.  When I got up this morning the husband was just sitting in the chair with his coat on.  No TV going with the business network on, no coffee, nothing.  I knew it couldn’t be that he saw he wasn’t on the list of 25 richest people in America, he already  knew that 🙂   So  I said, ” What’s up.  Why aren’t you watching TV ?? .”  He replied, ” I don’t want to watch it, the futures are down (whatever that means)  It’s just depressing.”  Oh well, time to get out my cheerleader’s costume and put it on.

 As a homemaker, I have worn many different hats, costumes, t-shirts, well you know what I mean.  You know how it goes, when someone gets sick, I pull out the stethoscope and start listening to the lungs.  I never really knew what I was listening for or where the heck I even picked up a stethoscope but I always new I would know what I was listening for if I heard it, and I did.  Okay this is where I get off topic and just start telling you stories, so bear with me you might pick up some information that will be useful.  

Once when the husband was sick, I was listening to him.  He sounded pretty bad, but I did hear him exchanging oxygen and there wasn’t a wheeze so I wasn’t that worried.  But when I put the stethoscope it in this one spot I heard something (IDK what it was that I heard) but it gave me pause.  He had a fever too, so I said we should not take any Advil that afternoon and see what his temperature did.  Temps tend to peak later in the day, so I wanted to see what was going on.  That night, he spiked a temp of 103 degrees and that’s really high for an adult, so off to Urgent Care we went.  Yes it was pneumonia and the spot where I heard that creepy sound was right where the pneumonia was.   IMG_0768  

My mom was a nurse, really good friends were nurses, my sister was is a nurse, and my daughter is a nurse.  So I have been around medical people all of my life…

My daughter the nurse This was such a favorite picture of mine. Thanks to her great parent's who paid for it all, provided the transportation, the child care at no expense to her along with food and diapers and EVERYTHING !!! Oh do I sound bitter...Not
My daughter the nurse This was such a favorite picture of mine. 


 Well anyway I had two boys with asthma so I really had to be on the ball when it came to their breathing so I just started asking questions at the doctor’s and he would let me listen and told me what I was listening for.  So I learned what I needed to learn to help manage their asthma.   I didn’t know when I should start the medicine for the boys and the doctor told me if they cough once, start the medicine.  So that was easy enough.  So with all of that experience, hence the doctor’s outfit, t-shirt, hat, complete with stephoscope was invented.  But you know what they say about a little knowledge and how it can be dangerous.  It can be, but common sense usually takes over for me.  My husband always calls me Dr. Scarlet when I start checking him over when he’s sick or taking his blood pressure.

So all of these stories started because it is a Write it Wednesday and that’s what I did, I just started writing and talking about the many hat’s of a homemaker.  Today I was the cheerleader.  ” STAND UP, GET READY, IT’S TIME TO CATCH THE BUS !!!  So I just reminded him it’s almost Friday, it’s HUMP DAYEEEEE and we are almost done with January.  We are on a new business adventure and that’s always exciting !!!!  He has always had  entrepreneurial ambitions even though he has been in coporate most of his adult life.  I totally am 1000 percent in back of him.  If not now when.  We don’t have little ones that we have to get through life, school, college, braces, and on and on and on.  We can take this chance because if you don’t you will never know.  I think it was Mark Twain who said


 Well this post has turned into quite the Write it on Wednesday.  One more thing, remember my post yesterday about the new planner I wanted but I wouldn’t tell you what site b/c it was on a first come first serve basis…The site is Inkwell Press and I got the planner I wanted albeit imperfect, I’m pretty sure I will love it.  I hope this is the end to my planner purchases for now !!!

So here’s the song for the day.  I heard it and it’s just a song that I like, it kind of goes with today, maybe, but not really.  I just like to sing it, I know the words and meaning I don’t really endorse.  I like Tonight, we are young, so let’s set the world on fire part.  It’s just a song, don’t read anymore into than that.   Blessings to all ❤

P.S.  The Blackhawks won again last night setting a franchise record of most wins in a row, 12…B O O M !!!  Now that’s something to be happy about and I am.



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