Baby it’s cold outside…

Good Tuesday morning everyone, and yes it is cold outside.  Really sick of the bitter cold but at least the sun is shining so that’s all I am going to say about that…So sad, yesterday I’m sure everyone heard the news.  We lost another great musician, Glenn Frey of the Eagle’s fame.  I am going to tell you my story about Glenn Frey.

I met him personally.  He was 12 years older than me and let’s just say we met.  He had a beautiful guitar and he was playing the song Take it Easy by the Eagles.  I told him how I thought he was a really good guitar player and the guitar he was playing looked like it cost him a fortune.  He smiled, with a cheeky little grin.  I didn’t get it and I said, ” What? ”  He started playing the song harder as if to say when he looked at me, ” Take it Easy, The Eagles, Glenn Frey… ”  I said, “Yay, I know what about it???”  He looked at me again and  said, “I’m Glenn !!!”  Oh… now I get it.  

He seemed to like that I did not recognize him as the superstar he was.  To me he was just a really good guitar player with a beautiful guitar.  I didn’t get all funny like oh how cool are you, I just talked to him like he was a regular person.  Not someone who was famous, in a big band The Eagles, he was just a guy.   It seems like it’s music time… Here’s one of his greatest hits.  I’ll dedicate this to my dad because I know he really liked this song.  So this one’s for you dad…It’s a really good video of one of his greatest song’s because it let’s his talent shine.  It’s just him and his music with the piano.  He didn’t need a lot of bells and whistles.  He was that good !!!

So after I watched this, it brought a tear to my eye. Maybe because I remembered who he was and him singing this song or maybe because I remember my dad singing this song over and over again.  RIP dear friend, take it easy…You left the world a much better place because you were here ❤  I’ll never forget meeting you 🙂

I wanted to go back to sleep because it is so cold out and I don’t want to do anything today but stuff has to get done and I don’t want to have to wake up all over again.  It’s hard enough to do it once.  Here’s a picture of my little Miss Elsa and she looks exactly how I feel.  She’s had it with the cold too!!!

Little Miss Elsa, I’m not going out in the cold anymore !!!

I have been working in my planner and having so much fun creating and planning.  The desk where I do my planning is such a mess.  I really need to get that under control, but I think I need it that way.  It just feels like home that way,comfortable.  I have a few pictures of my planner that I’ll put up.  Oh and tomorrow they are having an imperfect planner sale (I’m not going to say which planner it is b/c I want to get one of them before they get sold out) and if I say which planner company it is then you just might get ahead of me and it’ll get sold out.  I’ll show tomorrow which company it is so you can go look.  I really love their planner’s and have been looking around for them and have yet to be successful at getting one.  I know, I said I wasn’t going to get anything else for the planners but I just have to get this one.  The planner girl’s use this one or it’s one of planners they showed, and I just love, love, loved it !!!  

My Lovely Planner ❤ Don’t you love the planner jewelry !!!
I just love it !!!

So that’s all for now.  I have to figure out dinner, get to ground zero, appointments and calls so I better get busy.  The Blackhawks are on tonight so I have that to look forward too. Oh and one more thing.  The guys are dancing Romeo and Juliet in February with Richmond Ballet.  Connor is on Richmond Ballet ll.  They are also dancing Romeo & Juliet and he is Romeo, OMG  B O O M !!!  So how cool is that, have a great day !!!  Blessings ❤

Ruth's in Virginia Beach
Ruth’s in Virginia Beach…Aren’t they just the best looking bunch of guys ❤
That’s my Connie, trying to catch some rays on a cloudy day at the beach !!!
My Awesome Dancer Son, Conner <3
My Awesome Dancer Son, Conner ❤







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    • I know right. He didn’t even tell me I had to ask what he was in the show. Whatever OMG I know He looks like a Romeo ❤

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