Be your own best friend…

Really, be your own best friend.  First you need to ask yourself one question, “Would you want to have yourself for a friend ??”  If the answer is no, then you should look at why.  Then maybe you need to get yourself to a place that the answer would be yes.

I asked myself that question and at the risk of sounding vain, I said yes I would love, love, love to have me for a friend.  Now you are asking the ever important question as to why???  

I’m going to stick to my top ten reason’s I would love, love, love to have me for a friend.  So I was looking for a video and I first listened to,”That’s What Friends Are For.”  It was to, lets just say pat.  I came across this one and I really like this song and I’m always saying that God is watching us from a distance, so here’s your music while you read.  Enjoy ❤

  1. I think this one should be first.  If you need someone to say some prayers for you, I’m really good with that.  Been through a lot that I have learned about praying and it keeps me close to God ❤  I really love saying the Rosary, a very good prayer & powerful ❤
  2. I’m good at building support systems and prioritizing.  A very good problem solver.
  3. I am a good listener, (I could be better, but like I said I’m not perfect) and I really try to understand.
  4. I love making people laugh 😀😀 Laughter is great for the soul…but
  5. It’s okay if you want to cry because I’m a pretty good person when it comes to hand holding and hugs. You can cry and I will usually find the silver lining that you need plus I am a really good hugger ❤
  6. I love, love, love to surprise people.  Surprise parties, surprise gifts anything that I can do to make someone’s world a little better I love to do !!!  It really is in giving, we receive.
  7. I love to laugh.  I like jokes.  I like humor.  I love, love, love to smile.  Smiles just make me feel good and I love to give them out.  They are free and it’s not hard to give to people.  Anyone you see, make eye contact and just give them a great  big old smile 🙂  It will make you feel better about everything and probably make them feel pretty good too !!
  8. I am a pretty dependable person, you can count on me. If you need something really, just ask. I will usually be able to help you out, especially if you are my friend.
  9. If you need someone to just hangout with, I’m your girl.  I am really fun to just hang with, no agenda just igging it out !!!   And
  10. If you are a hockey fan, I love, love, love to watch the game (I hope you are a Blackhawk’s fan, but I could watch probably watch your team except for a few teams that just annoy me.)

Here is a picture of me and my best friend in this whole world.  I know he’s the husband too, but that counts because after all this is my blog and I make the rules… 🙂

The happiest day of my life <3 And it still is IMG_2517

I love you Michael <3
I love you Michael ❤
Michael Sr.
Michael Sr.
We will always have our memories Gabriella, and we will be together again. We <3 you and miss you, little girl.
We will always have our memories Gabriella, and we will be together again. We ❤ you and miss you, little girl.

So that’s why I could have me for a friend, I really do believe I make a great friend and I really love, love, love all of my friends out there.  I would not have made it this far with you.  Love ya ❤

5 Comments on “Be your own best friend…

  1. You sound like a pretty awesome friend! So refreshing to see someone openly say that they’ll pray for you – such a wonderful sentiment that doesn’t often get expressed!

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