Well I just have to write a post about this, so exciting !!!!  What you ask is so exciting ???  Well in last nights game, Hawks vs. the Mapleleafs, Patrick Kane got a hat trick.  The first one during the regular season.  He’s done it before but that was during the playoff’s which is a whole different season in itself.  Now for all of those who do not watch hockey, that is 3 goals in one game, B O O M.   So now I will have to put up a song just for that feat !!!  It’s been playing over and over in my head since last night.

It’s really appropriate for hockey.  They have a lot of great songs that really pump up the volume at games.  Thunderstruck (AC/DC), Stranglehold (Uncle Ted, Nugent that is)  The list is long and they make the games so much fun to watch when the music is playing.  I know the band looks a little out there, kind of creepy but I can speak from experience it’s just an act.  They probably look like just normal guys on the street.  You wouldn’t even recognize them as anything else.  I have a few pictures of the lead singer in a metal band and he is as down to earth as they come.  Well see for yourself…

D.Randall Blythe speaking at the book signing, "Dark Days, A Memoir" by D. Randall Blythe
D.Randall Blythe speaking at the book signing, “Dark Days, A Memoir” by D. Randall Blythe


The Family w/Randy
The Family w/Randy
The family w/Randy signing his book
The family w/Randy signing his book
Randy Blythe/Lead Singer w/Lamb of God & Matthew
D.Randall Blythe/Lead Singer w/Lamb of God & Matthew

So see what I mean.  They are just really talented musicians out there scrambling to make a buck.  That is their office and they are just doing what they do!!!  I am really proud of my boys and their friends.  In fact they will be going to Randy’s concert this weekend, “The Lamb of God” in Washington D.C.  He’s a really great guy.  The first time we talked was on the phone he was touring in the Midwest and I said, “Me and the husband would love to meet you and  we would love to come to your concert.”  He said, “I don’t think that you would enjoy the concert and it would probably be better if we met for lunch in the city.”  I mean how great is that, the lead singer of a very popular metal band and a published author (Dark Days) being sensitive to us and what we would be comfortable with.  When we attended his book signing last year, he sat us right in the front.  All of the metal heads (that’s what they call themselves) really made us feel right at home.  I’m pretty sure me and the husband were the oldest people there.  I just looked so out of place, what with my white blouse and my little white tennis shoes.  I almost went outside to scuff up the shoes and get some dirt on them.  I looked really out of place, lol.

I wanted to make one of the family pictures we took with him a Christmas card.   I look at metal music totally different now.  In fact I look at all entertainment venues in a different way.  Nothing really is at all as it seems…So anyways, we love ya Mr. D.Randall Blythe.  Thanks for  being a friend to our family ❤  The brother from another mother !!!

This turned into a post I really wasn’t thinking that I was going to write about.  Originally it was about hockey and Patrick Kane’s Hat Trick.

Hockey has become a huge part of my support system.  I know that sounds strange but it has.  It is kind of like the theater.  I just feel great when I am watching it.  I’m usually watching it with one of my guys and it is just such a family affair.  Love, love, love the playoffs and usually go through withdrawals when the season is over.  I remember my Connie being upset when they were losing and me trying to make him feel better saying, “Someone has to lose and someone is the best and is the champion.  There is always next year !!!”  OMG I can’t believe I uttered those words.  Now I  know what he means.  I told him when he gets married and has kids if he has a little boy, he’ll have skates on before he can walk.  Connor said, “Mom do you know how expensive that is??”  I replied, “That’s what grandparents are for ❤ “

Well I am sure you’ll be hearing more about hockey as we get closer to the end of the season and the playoff’s.  They look really good and I think they have a great chance of  repeating, winning the Stanley Cup again.  Later guys, have to go get my Starbucks and get this weekend going ❤  Love ya 

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