Let’s get rolling…

So here’s my song for the day.  I was just watching some videos and I remembered how much I love Tina Turner.  What I would do for her legs.  Can she sing and dance.  Well first I watched her video of, Simply The Best and loved, loved, loved it.  Then I remembered her video of Proud Mary.  That will be my get up and dance song today…You have to clean the house to some kind of song, so let it be this.  Wow it does get the blood flowing.  Enjoy ❤

The weather is not so cold today so I am going to walk up and get the car.  It is actually quite nice, sunny and mild for a winter’s day in the Midwest.  I got my hair done yesterday and I really liked how it turned out.  Always a  good day when you can go have a nice lunch, I got a corner table and read.  Then I went and had my hair done.  It’s nice to catch up with friends.

I made dinner in the crockpot last night.  I just threw a pork tenderloin in the crockpot along with a packet of Lipton French Onion Soup and a can of whole cranberry sauce with some honey, on low for about 6/8 hours.  I picked up some rolls at the bakery along with some monkey bread (I used my free loaf).  It always taste better when it’s free, doesn’t it…  I made some Amish egg noodle to go with it.  I just shredded the pork tenderloin in all of that ooey, gooey sweet and tangy sauce that it made and it was delicious !!!!  When I got home from the salon and walked in my home, it smelled fantastic.  Like someone had been in there cooking all day.  Just one of the benefits of using my crockpot.   Of course the husband’s train was delayed because of the weather, but he did get home to enjoy my dinner.

For dessert I made some apple dumplings.  So easy.  I used pillsbury crescent rolls and granny smith apples.  I cut it into 8 pieces, first I peeled and cored it.  Then I took the pieces and rolled 1 piece into a crescent, voila. Well here’s the recipe and I give it 4 stars.  I did pair it with vanilla bean ice cream, and yes that’s probably why I’m walking today.  It felt good to cook and bake.  It is very therapeutic ❤

Today is a new day and I think I am going to clean all day and use my planner.  I need to tie up all the loose ends from this week and get ready for the weekend.  The Blackhawks are on tonight so we’ll be watching that with Connor (FaceTime).  I also have to plan date night.  I think dinner and a movie sounds good.  Connor says the new Starwars is good, so I think we will give it a try.

I am also taking a look at a new type of planner system.  It looks interesting and I am always looking to improve on my system.  I’ll get the link after I look at it and I decide whether I am going to use it or not.  Have a great day ❤ Love ya !!!!

One more thing, we didn’t win the power ball last night and when the husband got up to watch his business channel and he wasn’t on the 5 richest people in America list, he went to work.   It’s all good though, still living the dream ❤ Blessings  


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