Good Tuesday Morning

Well the sun is shining but it is chilly out there.  Didn’t sleep at all last night.  Don’t know why, it was just one of those nights awake like every hour.  But I did get up and drive the husband to the train, woo hoo go me.  I don’t like walking in the cold, trudging over the snow, nearly slipping every step I take !!!  So I just got up and took him.  Besides it’s a busy day.  I have to get the dogs over to petsmart for doggie day camp and the housecleaner’s are coming.  It’s always a good day when I don’t have to clean my house.  

So the new year is rolling along.  I got the dogs there bath, the Christmastime put away, the house is getting cleaned today so all I really need to do is get Louie (our new kitty) vaccinated and the car cleaned and then we will be at ground zero to start on my winter projects.  I guess it would be nice if it warmed up so I could clean the garage, but hey that would be too perfect.

I got started on my new blog last night, the painter’s wife (thepainter’swife)  Did you go look at it.  I really hope you do.  It is exciting to be branching out in a new direction.  This is going to be my baby.  I’m going to grow it from the ground up.  I have to get a website built for business Elan Creations.  That is the name of the husband’s art shop.  It will be exciting to be watch this new business adventure grow and all the new things I will be learning.

I hope you will go check it out and watch it grow along with me.  He is already selling on Amazon Homemade which is very cool.  We sold a print over Christmas and the transaction went very smooth.  A few bugs to be worked out with Amazon, but I can’t tell you how it felt when I saw the deposit from Amazon go into our business account.  Well it made me feel like this is real and it’s going to work.  

I am going to put up the links so you can go look for yourself.  Blessings ❤

This first link is too our Amazon Selling account.  If you see anything might like go ahead and give it try.  It really is very affordable.

This is the link to our new blog thepainter’swife.  I hope you will go over there and take a look and follow me over there too.  I am still going to be posting on Scarlett79 and I’ll have links.  Have a great day because today is going to be your day !!!  I know it is…

Here’s a few more of his paintings ❤

My Blue Valentine
My Blue Valentine


Till Death Do Us Part
Till Death Do Us Part





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