The Best of 2015, cont.

Well I got through the whole year’s blog post of 2015.  December the best of post I will celebrate my friendship’s with really good people.  This Christmastime was an amazing season.  I shared a lot with some really good friends.  This first post was my afternoon tea at the Drake.  The weather was warm and beautiful.  Tea was amazing and that is now on my list of what to do when I need an afternoon off !!!

I am only going to do one more post and then I will put up the Best for 2015 !!!!  This next post is my afternoon at the theater with my theater buddy, Lisa.  We went to see, “Beautiful.”  It was all about Carole King’s music.  A really great post.

Okay so there you have it my pick’s for the Best of 2015 series !!!  I really think all of my blog is great.  There are a few that are a bit sad and I don’t really like those but they are real and so are my stories.  I don’t like it that some of my life is sad, but everyone has something and we just get through it together don’t we my friend’s…

So Happy New Year and to a new year of stories and blogging and hanging out together ❤  Blessings to all of you who read my stories, left me a note, liked a blog.  It has been life changing for me.  I am so looking forward to a new year, a new blog (elancreations/the painter’s wife, make sure you look for me) a new business !!!!  I will post the Best Blog Post of 2015 later today !!!  Look for it, love ya ❤


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