The Best of 2015, cont.

Happy New Year, 2016.  Quiet night last night and that is exactly how I love to ring in the new year.  We did have a nice dinner with the guys.  They flew back today.  It was really a wonderful Christmas break with them and I will post about that later.  They looked good and it was just a really nice visit with them!!!  They absolutely loved the little kitty, Louie ❤  I could only find one that I wanted in August for the 2015 Best of.  It’s good ❤ morning/

I’m starting out with a really nice post about the love of my life.  It was short and sweet and to the point.  How much can you say about the greatest man that I have ever known.  I love you Michael ❤

September we are celebrating his birthday !!!   This next post is a really good one too.  It talks about regret.  Very good.  I love, love, love going back and reading all of my posts.  I think they are really very good ❤

Ending up September with our Road Trip to Maine which was just lovely.  We have grown ever so close over this past year and I find out everyday just what a deep and wonderful love we share.  You are my guy and I know everyday that I’m your girl and I love it ❤








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