Best of 2015, cont.

So we’ve made it to October’s post, 2015.  All of them are good, so just follow the link and that will bring you to my Blog for October.  We had a great road trip and I put up a lot of pictures.

The next post is just part of my journey, the journey that is my life.  It’s really quite fun and challenging all at the same time.  I just try to keep it all in perspective and don’t forget every sandwich ❤  I enjoyed reading this one again because it is just so me.

Both of these links will take you to some very cool pictures of our very cool road trip to Maine.  I am almost to the end of the year !!!  We will have a winner of the best post for 2015.  You can join in if you want to and I will take it under advisement, but in the end I’ll pice the winner.  Love ya’ll and I hope you are enjoying my look back ❤


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