The Best of 2015, cont.

Well this one has to be in there.  I did an entire post on our youngest son for his birthday.  I can’t put into words the joys and happiness this young man has brought to this family.  When I say he never gave me a minute of trouble, I am dead serious.  Not one minute !!!  He always knows how to make me smile and I love him so ❤  This is Connor !!!

The next one has to do with our Road Trip out to Virginia.  We had a great trip, which you’ll see in the next link but this one is all about the book signing we attended with the lead singer of, “The Lamb of God.”  Yes it is a metal (Christian Rock Band) and it was just the so cool that the guys shared their life with us.  Randy Blythe the lead singer and is really now part of our family, again the brother from another mother.

So this was one of the Road Trips we took this year in our new car.  We had a blast as we always do when we go out east.  We just hang with the guys.  We hit Richmond, Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  We so know how to vacation !!!!  Come along for the ride, you will love it.  I took some really cool pics with  my new camera out by the ocean !!!

Well this has been a really enjoyable journey back looking at 2015 but I’m going to have to call it a night.  I promise I will finish up tomorrow.  It really was a wonderful year filled with so many adventures and so many new memories ❤  Happy New Year 2016 Hee Haw, Hats & Horns.  Blessings to all for 2016 ❤




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