The Best of 2015, cont.

So I am going to put up 3 posts from June, 2015 that are in the top of the best of  The first one is about my job as a homemaker.  I thought it was kind of cute.  Anyways, anything that has to do about me and my job is always going to be in the best of 😉

Next we are going to go right into the Chicago Blackhawk’s quest for winning the Stanley Cup.  That had to be one of my highlights for 2015.  I guess life is getting a little boring but I thought it was so cool watching them go for the Stanely Cup.  Did you know that winning the Stanley Cup is the hardest championship to win !!!   This blog post was really more than just the Blackhawks winning the Cup, it also includes a lot of the family and the road to the Stanley Cup ❤ B O O M

This last post shows us wrapping up the series and the family pictures we got taken in our Blackhawk sweater’s.  I wanted to get a family picture again this Christmas, but as fate would have it the weather God’s were not smiling on picture day.  And yes the guys were soooo disappointed that we could not make it out that day, not !!!  I’ll get them in June again.  There is also some fun we had when they both made it home for Father’s Day.

Well I only have 5 more months to get through for the Best of Series, 2015.  I might not finish till tomorrow, but no worries I’ll get it done.  Blessings ❤





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