Best of 2015, cont.

Okay I’m running a little behind in, “The Best Of 2015” series.  So this evening I am going to post a few blog posts from May, June & July.  The first one I came to was a short post about my favorite thing in this whole world, G O D.  It is short and sweet and to the point.  I found this one in April and I think it can go in the Best of 20 15…  Blessings ❤

Well I’m going to try to finish this post up.  I started last night but there were issues with my wi-fi so I just had to stop.  It’s New Year’s Eve.  I can’t believe a whole year has gone by.  2015 was a really good year.  I am posting, “The Best of 2015” series and I am so glad I wrote all this stuff down because now I see what I did all year.

This one  definitely has to go in the Best Of !!  It’s Tango Time ❤  I had so much fun doing this.  Watching the video reminds me of just what a great time I had.  It really was life changing, as everything with dance always is.  I can’t tell you how many times dancing has put everything right back into place for me.  Enjoy

The next post was about Matthew’s trip to China with Richmond Ballet.  He did great over there.  How cool to go over to China and dance.  I can’t even imagine.

I just really have to include this one of our Chicago Blackhawks.  Such a cool game and got to sit right by one of the Chicago White Sox.  They won the game and we had great seats, on the glass !!!  We also had dinner at a great Italian restaurant in the city.  It was all good, a great date night for me and the husband ❤  I really liked this post.  I was just so happy and the weather was great and we were at the hockey game !!!  B O O M

This will be my last one for The Best of 2015 for May.  I know I was only going to use 2 but I like so many of them.  I guess that sure says something about how I feel about this blogging I’ve been doing.  It really has me going in a great direction and I am so excited about the coming year.  This one is just a really great poem that I love to read and re-read.  I hope you are enjoying this series ❤  I know I am loving going back and re-living all of the fun I had this year…

I am going to post this one today but I am going to try to get another series of posts up so I can do what I think was my best post for 2015 up by tomorrow.   Happy New Year’s Eve ❤ 














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