The Best of 2015, cont.

So I will continue on with my series of the, “Best Of.”  I’ll be starting off with March, 2015.  I do have to say there were quite a few that I really liked in March.  I just really like how I write.  I have yet to cringe when I go back and read what I have written and I really like my blog.  I think I am going to keep it to 2 best of post per month because some of them are really long and I’ll say one thing about my blog’s, they can be kind of wordy.  But whatever…

This was a great post because  it was all about one of our son’s.  I was just so proud of him and all that he has accomplished.  I’ll also put up the family picture we took last year when we were all out in Richmond, VA visiting them in the summer.  Make sure you read the link because then you will understand the relationships/bonds that have been formed.  You are part of the family Mr. Randall Blythe and we love you ❤  You have become the brother from another mother ❤

Randy Blythe/Lead Singer w/Lamb of God & Matthew

This was a fun one from our adventures to the Winter Classic last year.  Really good memories and with the boys home we watched the video and it brought a lot of smiles and laughs.

The boys Christmas present this year was tickets to the Blackhawks game on Sunday night. We had great seats, not quite on the glass but row 10 in the 100 level is pretty darn close to being on the glass. We had a blast, but they lost 2/1 against the Carolina Hurricanes. They lost last year at the Winter Classic too. Hockey is still so much fun. I got a video of the game that I’ll put up in a future post, from the Madhouse on Madison. It really is too !!!!

I guess this will be a new tradition at the Holidays, going to a Blackhawk’s game.  Let’s just hope them losing will not, and let’s hope they right the ship in tonight’s game.  I did get to buy a bunch of new Chicago Blackhawk’s sticker for my Planner Girl supplies which is a good thing ❤

Now we move into April and it’s all about the Chicago Blackhawk’s and their road through the playoff’s to the Stanley Cup.  I did get to experience quite a lot of the games and it’s been fun looking back so here are a few of the posts that me and the husband went too !!!  Enjoy

Looking back over the year through the lens of my blog, the year was pretty great so far !!!  I’m really glad I have been writing all of this stuff down.  It is a great compass for this year.  I hope you are enjoying a look back.  Blessings ❤




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