The Best of 2015

So today’s blog I’m starting a Best of my Post’s for 2015.  So if you missed some of them, go back and take a look.  ” H A P P Y   N E W  Y E A R “

Yes January, 2015 started out really great.  The Winter Classic, with my guys !!!

This next post is a very positive one.  It’s getting through the day, getting through the stuff that we all have.  You know I love, love, love my blog.  When I go back and read through my writing’s/musing’s you might say, I feel good.  I hope it does that for you too, the reader of my blog post’s ❤  Blessings

Here is a good one too.  This is about me and my guy who I love, love, love to the moon.

So is here is just a preview of, “The Best of 2015.”  Come back tomorrow and see what I have for my March & April, “Best Of.”  If you have a favorite one, put it in the comments and maybe I’ll add it to the, “Best of 2015,” picks.  

Blessings for today ❤






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