Well now it’s a week before Christmas Eve, and I am really getting excited. Yesterday I went into the city with one of my very good friends and we saw the musical, “Beautiful”.  It was really is nice stepping out of my regular, ho hum day, and going to the theater. The theater is just the best place in the world. Probably because it’s just beauty and talent and so much fun. I always am filled with so much hope after I see a show. I forget about life as it is, I check it at the door and for just a bit I feel good. Thank God for musical’s.

  It really was beautiful, and I cried.  It’s about friendship, well really it’s all about Carole King and her music.  But she wrote, “You’ve Got a Friend,” and when she started singing that song it just really hit home.  I took my friend’s hand and held it because it was just so nice to be out for a matinee, in the city at Christmastime having lunch with a friend.  Family is family and I love them but….friend’s you get to pick.  I truly have the best friends in the world and I really love them so.


I went with my friend, Lisa K.  We met at the local salon down the street from my first house.  She was just out of beauty school and had started up a beauty salon.  I only had 1 of my 5 kids at the time, Michael Jr.  Well fast forward  31 years, 3 more kids, and a lifetime of memories we are still friends and she still makes me beautiful.  We laugh and have a great time when we are together.  Like the song says, “Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all you’ve got to do is call and I’ll be there,  you’ve got a friend.”  Thanks, Lisa I love ya ❤  It was a great show.  At the curtain call, (the end of the show when everyone takes a bow) she had the entire audience singing, “I Feel the Earth Move !!”  A great show and a wonderful Christmastime memory spent with a very good friend ❤  


After the show we went over to the Christkindlmarket, Chicago Daley Plaza.  I had always wanted to go there but just never did.  It was just the most amazing little piece of Christmas.  There were  booths with adorable handmade ornaments, booths with hot apple cider in Santa boot mugs.  She said we just have to split an order of potato pancakes w/sour cream & applesauce (OMG !!!  they were so delicious, who knew).  I bought some ornaments, a pickle and another one to mark the memory of our Christmas Holiday.  I picked up some tea for the husband and I got some for me too, Winter Magic along with some amazing Christmas Honey.  There was a booth, “Sweet Swabian” and oh yes I had to have some of the vanilla pecans.








Well I really do now only have a week till my guys our home.  Need to finish up the Christmas stuff, but I’ll get to next week and I’ll just say whatever doesn’t get done by now it’s going to have to wait !!!  Because I just want to enjoy this time with my family because too soon it will be over ❤  It really is turning out to be a very good Christmas.  Still have to watch, “It’s a Wonderful Life !!” with the husband.  That’s our little tradition.  The first year we were married we watched that movie like 15 times.  Every time we turned on the TV it was on so we watched it, back in the day before cable when you only had 4 channels.  I know some of you reading remember.  Those were the days.  Blessings, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ❤  Love ya ❤

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