Panic Attack

My featured picture is Higgin’s Beach in Maine.  This is the picture I grab and look at when the panic attacks come.  It stops them right away and I can think clearly about my next move.  So read on and find out what happened 🙂

OMG !!!  last night right before bed I realized that the end of the year was coming up and I had not ordered my calendar’s for 2016.  I always get Susan Branch’s every kind of calendar that she has because, well I just love everything Susan Branch.  Well it was late so I said I would just order them tomorrow and I went to bed not giving it a second thought.  

Well this morning when I was going through my email, I saw a new blog post in my feed so I went to read Miss Susan’s blog.  She always puts me in the best mood.  Her blog is like being home, all wrapped up in a down comforter with a hot cup of tea and biscuits, the fire place roaring, complete with a snow storm outside.  Okay, so you get the picture now back to my anxiety/panic attack.

After reading her blog post for today, I went shopping in her store.  I clicked on the blotter calendar for 2016.  There was no place to add it to my cart and when I looked higher I saw SOLD OUT !!!  OMG, no way what am I going to do (screaming & crying)   Then I saw a foot note that said she thought there might be some on Amazon.  I quickly went over to that site and thank God they had some available.  I bought it right away !!!  I can’t even imaging a whole year without that Susan Branch Blotter.  Where would I write all my stuff down at.  Well I’m glad that’s over.  Then I went back to her site and bought every other calendar for 2016 that she has available and her new presale book.  Well crisis averted.

 So people go get your 2016 calendars TODAY because it’s almost here and we are all going to be planning together.  Whatever calendar floats your boat, go and get it so we can get right down to the nuts and bolts of planning and being organized.  It’s once again my #1 resolution, I hope you will join me.  It might even keep me on task.  You might want to pick up some stickers and fun things so it won’t seem like work, and a few pens yadayadayadayada ❤


Well I told you I would try to get a picture of my planner up so here it is, “Voila!!”  Really having so  much fun with it.    Well Christmas is coming along better than I’d hope for.  Just put it out in the universe what you want, and it will come to you. That is what Christmas and Faith is all about.  Just Believe ❤  Blessings

Oh and FYI I’m over the panic attack, whew.  Thank you Jesus ❤  My calendars are ordered and all is right with the universe.  The Blackhawks are on tonight and  I will be watching tonight with the husband (like one of my favority things to do !!!) and I hope Connor and Matthew will be joining us via FaceTime but they probably have to work late with the mouse (Nutcracker rehearsal).  I hope the Kaner keeps his streak alive, such a talent to watch him on the ice…Here’s a video of the Blackhawks.  These guys own the ice.  B O O M !!!

Well time to go get the car and get this day moving.  I’ll try to put up some more pictures of  my Planner.  Again Blessings for your day ❤

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