The winter that wasn’t

Well that is about all I can think about right now.  Everyone is saying, “Oh I want some snow for Christmas.”  Not me, I’ll  take 50’s and sunny for the rest of the winter thank you…I have my snow right where I want it and it’s falling on my blog.  So if you want snow, go read my blog.  It’s very pretty and it’s not cold.  It doesn’t effect driving conditions but I could have a snow day and just stay in bed and blog all day.  

I really need to get busy with Christmas.  So much, wrapping and shopping.  Menu’s and grocery list’s and what am I going to bake this Christmas.  I am doing a gingerbread house with the husband.  I just need to get organized (Beth) I could really use some suggestions, time is a waisting.  Here’s a really cute Christmas video from, “White Christmas.”  So cute back in the day ❤

I have decided to take another family photograph (ugh) again this Christmas when the guys get home.  We are all going to wear, “Ugly Christmas Sweater’s.”  I have to get busy and go buy some, any suggestions…I know the picture thing isn’t going to go over too well, but after they see what they are getting for Christmas I don’t think they will put up much of a fuss ❤  They are great guys too, very laid back.  Connor is packing a lot of his DVD’s so we can do a lot of movie watching.

The Family <3
The Family ❤
The Crazies, my Family
The Family ❤

I have a really hard time keeping secrets, especially at Christmastime but I’m going to give it the old college try.  It is very cool though and that’s because me and the husband are very cool parent’s.  We can be cool now because they are all grown up and we just get to enjoy them now. Our job is done, now we just get to share our lives. They are a lot of fun to be around, I wish they lived closer but with the technology now we still get to share in a lot of their stuff.  We watch the hockey game together at night.  When Matthew went to China, we did FaceTime and it was like I was right there in China with him.  So they are really not that far away.  I just can’t give them a hug, but soon enough.

These were a couple of the family pics that we took this past summer.  I am so glad we did, they turned out really good.  And the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup !!!  WOO HOO  I am a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan, HUGE !!!

Well I’m going to go do some planning in my planner.  That always makes me feel good at night. So I know what I am going to be doing tomorrow, because I wrote it down in my planner.  I really need to get some pictures up of my planner.  It is looking very cool and plannerishy.  Is that even a word.  Probably not, but I can write it down because this is MY blog and I can do whatever I want here 😉

Well blessings to all of you who visit and view.  I hope all is going well in your world, and if not remember that after all tomorrow is another day ❤





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