Well that’s a loaded title.  I was working hard all day.  I was going to have one of my, “All by myself, days.”  The husband is a salesman so he has events, especially during the holidays at night, and so I just roll alone.  It’s kind of nice because I can do whatever I want.  I can eat when I want, watch what I want on TV.   You get the picture.  

Well I got a lot accomplished today.  It was a really good day.  I started off with a surprise for one of my friend’s.  It’s Christmas and I had a really great Christmas last year.   So I have been doing a lot of fun things to make this year special too.  We don’t know if we are going to get another Christmas, all we have is now.  So I have been planning a lot of surprises and events of my own.  First I went to High Tea with a friend at a lovely hotel in the city.  The weather was great, it was just a perfect day.  

Well one of my other friends that I always go to the theater with mentioned that she would love to go see the new Carole King Musical, “Beautiful,” so today I surprised her with tickets to go to a matinee and lunch in the city !!!  B O O M, how fun is that.  She is also my hair dresser.  She did my hair last week (it looks amazing) so I tricked her and said that something went wrong with the color that she did last week.  It looked like it was kind of green and could I come in and she could maybe fix it.  How funny is that, well she was just dying.  She couldn’t figure out how it could be turning green.  I was just goofing on her so she wouldn’t catch on to my real surprise which was the tickets to the musical.   So that is my surprise  this week.

I really love Christmas and surprises.  It is really true that in giving we receive.   Okay I know that sounds so lame, but it is so true.  She just had the biggest smile on her face and it is so good to have friends.  I refuse to let life get me down.  You just have to keep positive and surround yourself with good people.  When you put out goodness it comes back to you.  

Oh that’s right I was talking about, “Love.”  Well I had an, “Aha” moment this evening.  I was sorting through all of my piles of paper and getting things organized when I came across my delta dental insurance cards.  I thought how lucky am I to be married (36 years) to a man who takes such good care of me and our family.  He goes to work everyday (an hour commute/one way) to provide our family with everything that we need.  He has always made sure we had all of the insurances that we need.  A very comfortable home and always a new car to drive.  Clothes, make-up, food, entertainment, the coolest vaca’s the list is long to the great life he has made for us.

The love of my life <3
The love of my life ❤


I mean I can go out and do pretty much whatever I want to.  He has always taken care of me and made sure that everything was good in my life.  He is just the best person and I love him to the moon.  He’s also a great father to his children ❤  I’m going to  post our song.  Because nothing is ever going to stop us now and I haven’t heard it in awhile. The video is kind of old, but so are we and I love this version because that’s the one that’s our’s…


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