Good Monday Morning

Well I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did.  The Blackhawks won a game…WOO HOO !!!  They really needed to do that, and Patrick Kane broke Bobby Hull’s record of most points/goals streak.  He is currently at 22.  Okay now I know you are saying who cares about that, well I was just mentioning it in case anyone else was wondering.   Well Wayne Gretzky holds the all time record with something like 50 point/goals.  Well I’m just glad they won last night.  It was a fun game to watch.

The guys are back from their road trip out to Norfolk where they did 5 shows i.e. Nutcracker’s.  Now they start the run in Richmond.  It’s pretty brutal between the practices and the shows.  At one point they go for like 8 days w/o a day off.  Sometimes 3 days in a row with 2 shows, OMG.  Trust me days with 2 shows are extremely challenging !!!  I just pray that they all stay healthy and they don’t get injured.  One year our Matthew got shingles and he was only in high school.  It is very hard on the body, a lot of stress.  They are professionals though and their bodies are use to this kind of stress.  It’s good that they are both young and healthy.   Well I hope that I didn’t jinx them by any of that.

Snow King w/ his Queen
Snow King w/ his Queen
Matthew practicing Snow King w/his Queen
Matthew practicing Snow King w/his Queen
Matthew/Snow King w/his Queen
Matthew/Snow King w/his Queen
















Well onto my Blogging assignment for the day.  3 Goals I would like to accomplish.  

  1. I am going to start an editorial calendar for this month.  Just going to give it a go.  I love organizing anything and that gives me a plan.
  2. I am going to start my weekly feature and it’s called, “Dump Day!!”  Dump Day is where you devote a blog post of all of the stuff you want to get rid of in your head.  You just dump it out onto the post and move on.  I love it ❤  You can do it any day of the week or maybe you just need to have a Dump Day once a month.  I’m just going to use the title for my post that day, “Dump Day.”
  3. I am going to try to get going on my new Blog for my Artist/Husband.  I’ve got a lot to do with that so maybe I’m being a bit ambitious but one of my mantra’s are, “Write it down, Make it happen” so who knows maybe I’ll just try it with baby steps.

I am also working a lot on my planner.  I’m a planner girl and it is so much fun.  You really do have to continually re-invent yourself to keep yourself growing and keep from getting stuck in the same old spot.  It keeps life interesting.  So keep reading and following.  I will try to get some of my really cool planner stuff going.  It’s going to be a blast because my fav is coming up the HAPPY NEW YEAR.  A brand new year to start over with all of those things that got old that you were going to start last year.  Blessings and remember as always, Love ya ❤

3 Comments on “Good Monday Morning

  1. I’ve been singing along… 😉 I used to be in a couple of choirs and loved it – great for the soul.

    Good luck to the guys in Richmond, I’m sure it’ll all go well. I pop up there now and again.

  2. I love your blog! I have a little dancer at Richmond Ballet(4th Nutcracker this year), and I just wanted you to know how nice and polite your sons are with the children (the whole company seems to be that way–how refreshing!). She had one as her party parent one year, and has seen the other backstage, etc–what great role models! You must be so proud 🙂
    -fellow conservative catholic mom

    • Thank you so much. I’m sure you can relate as a mother that’s exactly what you want to hear about your kids. I have to agree !!! They really have turned into fine young men. They had an awesome role model,their father ❤ We both are very proud of them and their God given talent. They have been so much fun to watch ❤ Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and the compliments. It's a work in progress. Blessings for the New Year ❤

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